Has BLM protest helped the pandemic to slow or grow?


Courtesy of Clay Banks. At a North Carolina protest honoring the memory of George Floyd, a fellow protester takes the stage to speak volumes.

Naila Robles

     With the pandemic going on, BLM protests has started to rise when a black man named George Floyd was reported dead from police brutality towards black people. Protest like the one in Minneapolis has been protesting for the police brutality and how they have killed George Floyd for putting too much pressure on his neck that he couldn’t breathe. Other reasons why Floyd’s death caused a up riot, was because multiple people were there to witness then post it on the internet, Floyd had only caused the crime of money fraud, and had not resist when he was caught, but instead got killed. People have been protesting through the streets of Minneapolis, and spreading through out U.S.A.. A few countries have started a protest in their area like Africa, Asia, North America, Europe. Is protesting during a pandemic…a mistake?

     Articles like NY Times, or Health Line news have stated that the BLM protest has not contributed to the 179  coronavirus up spike in DC, on May 30th. This spike happened 5 days after Floyd’s death. While other states that it did contribute to the coronavirus up spike with no evidence to back it up. But this spike had happened 5 days after Floyd’s death, so why are people still saying it wasn’t because of the BLM protest? Wouldn’t it made more sense that it was because of the BLM protest? Because the opening of the stores has not happened. On that precise day it had spiked but this wasn’t the biggest spike, the biggest spike had happened on May 1st and that was before the BLM protest has happened.

     A participant of the BLM protest, Kyra, was asked whether they thought that the COVID-19 up spike was caused by the protest, she said, “No, I don’t honestly, everyone wore masks and the spike was too soon after the protest started, people wouldn’t have gotten it, shown symptoms, and been tested that quickly and got results back.” With that said, other people were also interviewed and only 15% of them would say that the BLM protest did cause the coronavirus spike, while the other 85% said it didn’t contribute to it at all. But this doesn’t prove anything, out of 100 people there could have been at least 25-35 people not wearing masks. But she has stated that people were tested right after the protest and the results were negative.

     With that articles like NY Times, NBC, or Fox news has stated that the COVID-19 spike was all tied up to the reopening in the areas not the BLM protest. An article by Health Line News has stated, “‘I have not seen any peer-reviewed research linking outdoor protests (or really any major outdoor events) to the surge here in Texas,’ said Rodney Rohde, PhD, an associate dean for research at Texas State’s College of Health Professions who focuses on public health microbiology.” This really have showed that it was not because of the BLM protest but there are still some people that said that lots of people weren’t wearing masks during the protest, but they didn’t have any evidence to back it up. With all the chaos going on, the coronavirus spike back then could have been cause by anything, and not just the reopening of stores and BLM protests.

     With that lots of people jumped to conclusion that the BLM protest had nothing to do with the COVID-19 spike, and that it was the economies fault for reopening. But there is probably much more to why people don’t and do blamed the BLM protest for the coronavirus spike. Some have said to have a worn mask but some have not, but they all eventually took it off at one point due to the heat wave and it was getting hard to breathe. Or it could have all been because of the people that caused theft when the protest was going on. But most of all people have agreed that the BLM protest wasn’t ay fault but the people that had reopened the stores.