Charles Oakley Vs. The New York Knicks

John Schubel, Staff Writer


There was a time when The New York Knicks were regarded as the pinnacle of National Basketball Association royalty. With a plethora of greats like Patrick Ewing, Walt Frazier, Allan Houston, WIllis Reed and lastly Charles Oakley. Charles Oakley recently attended a New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden on February 8th, and was forcibly removed from the stadium. He then was arrested on accounts of assault and disorderly conduct once outside the arena. The next day, reports came out that Knicks owner James Dolan told security to eject Oakley because Oakley was shouting things at him. The Knick’s issued a statement that insinuated Oakley was either suffering from a drug problem or an alcoholic. This drama may stem from Oakley’s repeated public criticism of James Dolan. His biggest public criticism was in 2010 when the Knicks were trying to court Lebron James; Oakley told Lebron to “stay away from the Knicks if you know what’s good for you,” citing the Knicks as disloyal. That statement has led to numerous of incidents reported at the stadium by Oakley himself including security following him everywhere he goes and continuous checking of his ticket. After this latest incident, James Dolan has banned Oakley from stepping on the premises of the Garden.

Numerous current NBA Players have come to the defense of Oakley. Most notably Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. Wade and James both made Instagram posts pledging their support to Oakley. James’s post deemed Oakley as the G.O.A.T. Wade’s post was more personal with a long paragraph and a touching picture of Oakley playing, “10 years Oak gave everything he had for this. organization and the image everyone will be left with won’t be this picture.” Paul simply went to Twitter to comment on the situating saying, “….He always had my back.” Some retired legends took to Twitter also to voice their thoughts. Most notably former adversary on the count was Indiana Pacer’s legend, Reggie Miller who said, “DAMN SHAME.” Ironically the most important comment come from not a player but New York Knick super fan Spike Lee. Being an already passionate fan, Mr. Lee stated, “Once a Knick Always a Knick?”

Amongst all this mess is a dying franchise-the Knicks have not made the playoffs since 2012. Not only have they been in the bottom of the East for the last five years, but they’re superstar Carmelo Anthony is unhappy with the way the Knicks are being ran. For the last two seasons his name has been circulating around the trade wire against his wishes telling reporters that  he has no desire to leave New York.. Anthony has always averaged some twenty plus points in every season he has played with the Knicks and is considered a superstar in the league so why would they want to trade him? This question has been asked by many but also ESPN analyst Tim Legler has said they’re trying to start over now. Anthony’s contract is a humongous salary cap hit at 27,000,000. On top of that salary cap hit he is also 32 years of age which is the wrong side of thirty for sports.

Moving forward, the Knicks as a business are in a downtrend. With drama going on with a former great and almost no salary cap room, they have no appeal for upcoming free agents to join them this summer. Their rebuilding process has to be through the draft. One upside is the young and emerging star Kristaps Porizingis who is an immediate fan favorite and very talented player. Many ESPN analysts, like Stephen A. Smith, have already touted him as the savior of the Knicks Franchise and they wish the Knicks would rebuild around him instead of Anthony. Porzingis has averaged an incredible 18 points and 7 rebounds in only his second season in the league. Knicks fans should hang in there, it only can go up from here.