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Artist Spotlight: Maya Raman

Artist Spotlight: Maya Raman

October 13, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Felix Gyugyi and Celeste Vargas

Artist Spotlight: Felix Gyugyi and Celeste Vargas

April 19, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Nathan Nguyen

Artist Spotlight: Nathan Nguyen

March 9, 2017

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  • Tumbling Into Tricking

    What comes to mind when one hears the word “tricking”? In truth, the word itself does not provide a glaring answer, so there would probably be a m...

  • Wilcox Wows at Levi’s Stadium

    On September twenty-third, the San Francisco 49ers hosted their annual high school double-header at Levi’s Stadium. This year, the Chargers were wel...

  • Making Sports Open to All

    Wilcox junior Chirag Dollin loves to run. But Dollin has autism, and his parents thought that his tendency to get distracted might prevent him from ev...

  • Uno! Dos! Tres! Ace! Ace! Ace!

      Wilcox boys’ volleyball is back in season and is performing better than ever. Even though the team only has eight league games under their...

  • March Athlete of the Month: Aditya Jangid

    For this issue’s Athlete of the Month, our journey begins fourteen years ago.  Why? Because that is when three time Wilcox School Record holder (pa...

  • The NFL Free Agency

    NFL Free Agency is often chaotic and can be quite difficult to comprehend for the casual fan. During the free agency period, general managers— the e...

  • Charles Oakley Vs. The New York Knicks

      There was a time when The New York Knicks were regarded as the pinnacle of National Basketball Association royalty. With a plethora of great...

  • Sports Traditions Through the Ages

    For as long as sports culture has existed there have been fan traditions; common practices that every fan in every city knows.  They act as a way to ...

  • “The Best Pick-Up Game of Basketball in the World”

    On Sunday, February 19th, the best players of the National Basketball Association came together to play what is known as “the best pickup game of ba...

  • Money for the Marlins

    The purchase of a sporting team is always an exciting venture, but the recent bid for the Miami Marlins may draw even more attention, especially aroun...

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The student news site of Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, California