Many students take the community college route out of high school to save money and attend smaller classes.
The Community College Route After High School in California
Kiana Guanga May 19, 2023

Throughout high school, many students overload their schedule with the toughest courses available in hopes of boosting their GPA and bearing a transcript that stands out to universities. Students face an overwhelming amount...

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Students play Street Hockey during PE.
PE Credits
Elena De Schutter May 19, 2023

In California, high school students are required to take two years of PE to graduate. Many Wilcox students choose to finish these credits in their freshman and sophomore years in addition to a quarter of PE and a quarter...

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Great America implements a new policy change. Courtesy of Jeremy Thompson.
Great America's New Age Restrictions
Hillary Lee, Lifestyles Editor • May 19, 2023

On April 22nd, Great America announced that any minor 15 and under needs to be accompanied by an adult (21 years of age) in order to enter and remain in the park until closing. On Great America’s website, it states, “all...

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Building destroyed by the Turkey Earthquake. In courtesy of Flickr images.
The Damaging and Deadly Turkey Earthquake
Izzy Tolosa March 16, 2023

On February 6, 2023 at 4:17pm (Turkey Time Zone), an earthquake that was 7.8 on the Richter scale hit southern and central Turkey. An additional 7.5 earthquake struck hours later, sending a shockwave of damage across Turkey....

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Student listening to their teacher on Zoom. Courtesy of Randy Vazquez
How Covid Really Impacted Our Education
Lindsey Martin March 16, 2023

The worldwide pandemic that occurred in 2020 not only affected millions of people physically and mentally, but also had a major impact on education. In March 2020, lives took a drastic turn and lifestyles had to make a big...

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George Santos while giving a speech. Courtesy of Getty Images.
The Lying Representative
Michelle Nguyen, WATW Editor • March 2, 2023

Over the years, the saying “Don’t believe everything you hear” has been a commonly repeated warning. Whether this caution appeared due to increasing fraud or heartbreaking betrayals, among other factors, cannot be proved,...

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Society has tricked itself into believing that every little task is productive, and that they are too busy to take a breather - Courtesy of Bernard Spragg
Keep Up the "Hard Work!"
Jocelyn Wang, Staff Writer • May 19, 2023
The Beauty and the Beast was one of Disneys most successful live-action remakes. Courtesy of Melissa Hillier.
Adaptation Craze
Elena De Schutter, Staff Writer • May 19, 2023
Grades should not define a students intelligence - Courtesy of Steven Depolo
Do Grades Define Excellence?
Hillary Lee, Lifestyles Editor • May 19, 2023
Breaking the Bank for Better Healthcare
Breaking the Bank for Better Healthcare
Anagha Dogiparthi, Op-Ed Editor • March 16, 2023
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Welcome to our Senioritis edition of Scribe Talks, where Tanvi forces Caroline to watch Harry Potter for the first time!
Scribe Talks: The Dob'cast Part 1
Tanvi Siddhaye and Caroline Van Zant May 11, 2021

Heres Caroline and Tanvis take on the election about a month after the big day! This is strictly an opinion podcast and does not reflect the views of The Scribe.
Scribe Talks: The Election Part 2
Tanvi Siddhaye and Caroline Van Zant December 22, 2020

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Mrs. Charles is hard at work in her new home at Wilcox.

Courtesy of Kiana Guanga
Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Charles
Kiana Guanga April 14, 2023

In early January, the Wilcox staff welcomed a new member—Mrs. Charles. Mrs. Charles is one of the school’s two financial literacy teachers alongside Mr. Rafetto, who has...

Rants and Raves
Rants and Raves
Nisha Naveen, Staff Writer • March 9, 2023

Rants Airports: “Flight 345A has been canceled.” “That will be $17.99 for the grilled cheese.” “We’re going to need you to throw away that water.” Whether...

Mr. Burkhead poses with confidence. Courtesy of Alexandra Rumford.
Staff Spotlight: Mr. Burkhead
Alexandra Rumford, News Editor • March 2, 2023

Daniel Burkhead, a “forty-something” year old English teacher, has been working at Wilcox for eight years and been the yearbook advisor for three. He pioneered the yearbook...

Athlete of the Month: Jesse Adame
Athlete of the Month: Jesse Adame
Megan Breslin, Staff Writer • February 13, 2023

  Jesse has wrestled at Wilcox for the girls varsity wrestling team for three years and competed in a variety of tournaments and dual meets with the team. Now in her...

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