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Humans of Wilcox: Rowan Karl Timmerman

Joseph Choe, Staff writer

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Rowan Karl Timmermann just might be the coolest student at Wilcox High School.
To begin with, his taste is fantastic. His favorite cartoon is The Pink Panther, his favorite video games are Super Mario Maker and Mortal Kombat X (he can’t decide which one is better), and his favorite holiday is Halloween. He lives with several rescue dogs (all of whom are deaf and one of whom is additionally blind), cats, chickens, and a lovebird named Greg who was originally thought a female but is, after all, male.
Students at Wilcox will most likely spot Rowan Karl Timmermann walking in and out of classrooms as a TA for the administration office, delivering notes and messages to classrooms. He walks into classes, respectfully greets the teacher, hands him or her a note from the office, and leaves the room. He always knocks before entering, and always pauses to read the sign on Mr. Muralt’s door (“WIPE YOUR FEET, STINKY PIGS”). His favorite classes are Mr. Manzon’s CHAMPS and art with Mr. Bonnotto. He owns a one-of-a-kind Mega-Man beanie, which imitates the cartoon character’s helmet.
But aside from his external appearances and preferences, there is more to Timmermann than meets the eye. His character is best summarized as genuinely outgoing and kind towards others. “Respecting other people for who they are is important,” he says. He has come to value respect as a result of his own personal struggles.
Rowan Karl Timmermann has verbal autism. “It’s a neurological brain disorder that occurs more often in boys than in girls,” he explains. “I was born with it, so there’s no way to cure it.”
Timmermann used to attend a school for students with special needs, but it turned out that Wilcox High School was the better fit, and so he became a Charger. His respect for others, in some ways, is a reflection of the treatment that he received from his fellow Chargers. “I’m glad that the students of Wilcox have accepted me as a friend… I was not bullied because of my disability,” Timmermann remarks.

COURTESY OF JOSEPH CHOE                                                                        Rowan enjoys shopping online for exclusive gaming products, such as this Piranha Plant hand puppet from the video game Super Mario.

When Timmermann walks into classrooms as an office assistant, he is often greeted with smiles from his fellow students. Rowan turns to every person who calls his name, waves, and says “Hey!” with a smile on his face.
In something small, such as acknowledging a greeting, Rowan’s exudes his unbreakable spirit. This unbreakable spirit is the same spirit that encourages Timmerman to learn the language of German and work a part-time job as a waiter in Valley Village Retirement Homes. It is the same spirit that challenges him to work toward his goal of ending worldwide racism and is the same spirit that fuels his fascination with video games and comic books. This spirit is present in every aspect of his life and, in an almost contagious fashion, trickles into the lives of those around him. In this sense, Timmerman has had a positive impact on the Wilcox community.
“I am proud to be a Charger, and I want to be Charger Strong, even though I am mentally disabled,” he concludes.
He is the embodiment of what it means to be Charger Strong. He, against all odds, exemplifies what it means to possess an unbreakable spirit.
Rowan Karl Timmermann just might be the coolest student at Wilcox High School.

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Humans of Wilcox: Rowan Karl Timmerman