Uno! Dos! Tres! Ace! Ace! Ace!

Sammie Discher, Staff Writer


Wilcox boys’ volleyball is back in season and is performing better than ever. Even though the team only has eight league games under their belt, they are feeling confident for the rest of the season. In past years, the boys have finished in the middle of the pack with mediocre season results. However, this year something has changed. As of currently, the Wilcox Changers sit in at the top spot in their league with four wins and only one loss.

Not only have the boys improved their record, but they have also been working immensely to improve their overall play. Captain Hoon Cho explains, “Not only have we improved individually, but as a team as well.” In order for the team to grow, they have forced themselves to step up the intensity in both games and training. This has allowed them to form “stronger team chemistry and our ability to work better on the court as a unit,” says Cho. Their growth from the 2016 season to the current season is all due to their incredible hard work and dedication.

The boys have taken part in two tournaments along with their league games. In the first of the two tournaments, the team faced several very challenging opponents such as San Mateo and Carlmont. While these games challenged the chargers, they were able to walk away with the win. Joseph Choe, a senior on the team, explains, “Rafael [Tolosa] was really key to the Carlmont game. He scored close to ten points in a row for us just off of his incredible serves.” With these wins, the Chargers were given the opportunity to play in the Gold Division Final. The Chargers put up a hard fight in the Final, but ended up losing one set to two sets against Aragon High School. Even though they lost, the team was happy with their finishing result.

In the team’s second tournament, they left everything on the court. Coasting through their first three games, winning every game in two sets. This sent the Chargers to the Gold Division Final once again. However, in this Final the boys faced one of their biggest competitors, The King’s Academy. The Chargers faced King’s in their first and third league games prior to the tournament. In the first game, the Chargers beat King’s in four sets. The second game against King’s resulted in a three-two loss for the Chargers. Looking back at this game, Jo Choe describes it as “very disappointing, but a wakeup call.” The boys used their disappointment from this loss to fuel their fight in the Final. The boys fought hard, and stay focused the whole game. Every player on the Varsity roster played their heart out in the two sets and were eventually rewarded with the win. The excitement from this win not only showed in the faces of the players, but also in the faces of the boys’ friends and family. As a spectator, the energy the Chargers brought to that game undeniable. Every Charger fan was out of their seats when juniors Michael Crouch and Joseph Gee had an amazing block for the game point. Hoon Cho describes the win as “one of the greatest feelings ever. We wanted that win with everything we had.” Jo Choe agrees and states, “I have dreams about moments in that game. That is how amazing it was.”

With the win against King’s Academy and placing first in the second tournament, the boys have a lot of confidence in their game. Hoon Cho explains the team’s main goal is to “win league and hang a banner in the gym.” The boys understand this is a huge task, but they are willing to put in the work in order to achieve it. Hoon Cho says he believes in his team and what they can accomplish this season.