March’s Strange But True

Terrible Police Sketch Identifies Suspect
Police in Pennsylvania have identified a man suspected of two counts of theft by using a sketch that was “amateurish and cartoonish,” according to the Lancaster Bureau of Police. The man is accused of robbing a stand at a market while the employee was away. A witness, and not a professional sketch artist, provided the sketch. The drawing, along with a physical description of the suspect, helped an officer identify a man named Hung Phuoc Nguyen as the robber.

American Woman Develops British Accent
Arizona resident Michelle Myers has never left the country. However, after going to bed with a severe headache, she woke up with what appeared to be a British accent. According to the Washington Post, Myers has been diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, which causes speakers to change the rhythm of the language they’re speaking, stress different syllables, and drop articles and letters, resulting in a foreign-sounding accent. This is not the first time Myers has experienced this, as she has also developed Australian and Irish accents for short periods of time in the past. Speaking to ABC affiliate KNXV, Myers said that her British accent was different in that it has still not gone away after two years.

Turbulence or Flatulence?
A flight traveling from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to make an emergency landing when a passenger wouldn’t stop farting. According to the Huffington Post, the two men sitting next to the apparently problematic passenger complained to the airline crew, who did nothing about the situation. Instead, the captain warned the complaining passengers against “noisy and aggressive” behavior. When the passengers refused to stop their complaints, a fight broke out, forcing an emergency landing. The complaining passengers and two women who were seated in their row were forced off the flight, but the reportedly gassy man was not.

A Real Life Angry Bird
A Canadian hunter was found unconscious after a goose fell from the sky and hit him on the head. The goose was shot down by a fellow hunter in the middle of a hunting party, and the bird fell ninety feet onto the hunter below. The unfortunate man was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for “severe” injuries to his head and face, including losing two teeth.

Washington’s Hair Found in a Book
A lock of George Washington’s hair was found inside a book at Union College last December during a routine inventory. When a librarian opened the two-hundred-year-old book, he found a small envelope labeled “Washington’s hair.” The book belonged to Phillip Schuyler, father-in-law of Washington’s Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton. According to the Washington Post, gifting hair to friends was common practice in the 1800s, and it was even given as a wedding gift. The hair was likely first gifted to the Hamiltons, given to the Schuylers, and left in a book at a college the Hamiltons helped found.