Rants and Raves

Michelle Lozada Alvarez, Staff Writer


Animals: I really like animals! I own two cats, but I love pets that people don’t normally have. First off, birds. I’m not talking regular parakeets, I’m talking about cockatiels, cockatoos, love birds, or parrots. Barely anyone has them! But they are all very loving and adorable. I wish I had a cockatiel, but the only one that I have encountered wasn’t for sale. Another animal that people barely have are ferrets. Ferrets are basically the combination of cats and noodles. They are very playful and energetic. Although they are illegal in California, you can own a ferret if you get a license for it. Axolotls are adorable too!

Musicals: Recently, I got into musicals. I like the stories they tell and I like how people take time to make all the props. Many of them carry morals, in addition to a good story and pices of knowledge.For example in “Hamilton” it gives a little history lesson that I find very interesting. Other musicals are good too, like Dear Evan Hansen. I like the plot, some parts are very good. Not to mention the actors for musicals are very good. Like Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen, he plays Evan like he is actually living in the story.

Coco: The movie is about a boy named Miguel who lives with his family who does not like music due to his great great grandfather walking out on his family for music. I love the movie Coco because it gives Mexican representation without the exaggerated accents or stereotypes. I love how Disney and Pixar showed traditions in Dia De Los Muertos. Although I am Mexican, I never really learned what happens on that day, but watching this movie with my parents taught me a lot about my heritage, especially because its portrayal of Mexican culture is so accurate, and is a strong point of the movie.


Spiders: Spiders are the nastiest and creepiest things I have ever seen. In the apartment I live in, I rarely see spiders, but when I do, they are about the size of a quarter. There were once colonies of spiders in one of the bathrooms in my house. One time, I woke up and a spider was hanging in front of my face. I screamed and the next thing I saw was my mom taking off her shoes trying to squash it. Although I know some spiders are harmless, it doesn’t stop me from being scared of them. Tarantulas are number one on my ‘Spiders I’m Scared of’ list, with the wolf spider of Australia as a close second. At least I know that I am never going to visit Australia.

The Ocean: I like how pretty the ocean looks in pictures, but when you think about it, we have only discovered five percent of the ocean. That means there are also a lot of things we do not know about the ocean. Many creatures in the ocean, including sharks, could rip off your leg if they wanted to! The waves of the ocean are scary enough for me. Once I went to Santa Cruz just to feel the waves on my feet. After taking a dip, I was swept off my feet and completely submerged underwater, almost being dragged out to sea by a large wave. There was sand in my swimsuit and I regretted my decision of going to the beach. I do not think I will be able to trust being in the ocean again.

School Buses: I don’t like being on school buses. There isn’t a time when it isn’t cramped and loud. Every time I get on a bus, the driver yells at some kid that is out of their seat. Not to mention it, but most of the buses don’t have seatbelts! What would we do in case of a crash? Hold on to the seat in front of us? I really don’t like being next to strangers on buses. I don’t like sitting with someone I don’t know because it creates an awkward atmosphere. My hands get sweaty and if they try to make small talk while I just nod. I hate being in long bus rides because after I get off the bus my legs are asleep from not being able to move them.