Club Spotlight: Key Club

Marina Herrera

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“If Key Club is a way to build leadership skills, meet new people, teach integrity, and a way to give back to the community. The Key Club president Khue Vo says that she likes to look at the name “Key Club” as a saying that it helps open doors to new opportunities. Key Club is an International club and they have many clubs all over the world. There are clubs in 38 countries across the world and in more than 5,000 high school campuses. Key Club is an open club, which means that anyone can join, and they are always welcoming new students that want to join. Key Club’s mission is to provide its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. Their values are leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness. Key Club’s vision is to become competent and caring servant leaders to make their communities better worldwide. Their motto is “Caring – our way of life” and their pledge is “I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school, and community; to serve my nation and God; and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.
Some member benefits are the opportunities to make a positive impact on the world, make lasting friendships, and create leadership skills. Being a part of the club gives access to scholarships for future schooling costs and members get to participate in international and other district events. The students in Key Club said they enjoy it because they get to meet new people, be involved in a community, get hands-on experience, and build up communication skills. Their favorite part about Key Club is that it is a close knit family and that they can work together. The members can dedicate more time depending on what service they want to sign up for, because that might include weekends. They said that other students should join Key Club because it’s a chance to experience something new and get to meet new people. The president of the club, Khue Vo says that she loves leading the club, and its rewarding for her to be able to make it a great experience for the new members joining, and she is very delighted to be able to have this experience. Some things that the Key Club Corporation is a part of are: cleaning up parks, holding food drives, and collect clothing. Key Club Corporation says that they are trying to teach their members how to lead and stand for what’s right through service and volunteerism. Key Club is not only a place to build character but a place to meet new people with the same interest of helping out the community.

Courtesy of Key Club
Key Club poses at their gathering for Keynection, where they made holiday cards for the elderly.