Athlete of the Month: Hoon Cho

Lindsey Laughlin, WATW Editor

After a record-breaking season, the Wilcox Chargers volleyball team emerged from CCS with a 31-3 record as well as a final ranking of 76th in the state of California. Among these esteemed athletes is Hoon Cho, a three year varsity player and senior co-captain.
Cho has been a part of the Wilcox boy’s volleyball program for all four of his years here as a Charger. He is well known as the team’s libero, which is otherwise known as the defense specialist in volleyball. As a libero, Cho must play off his teammates strengths and help the team communicate. This year, Cho was recognized by the SCVAL El Camino League and given the 1st Team All League award. The Wilcox Chargers were also named League Champions for the 2018 year as a product of all the players’ hard work this season.
Wilcox volleyball coach Bill expresses his deep gratitude for Hoon as an athlete and teammate, calling him “the most inspirational player” that he has ever coached after an exciting Senior Night win. Bill continued by saying that “Our success has to do with his motivation. That’s why we have only lost one game this season.” It’s clear that the coach isn’t the only one who sees Cho this way. Fellow co-captain Joseph Gee calls Cho “one of the best players” he has ever known. Gee also commends Cho for his communication skills and ability to motivate the team through tough situations. When asked about Cho as a teammate, Gee added, “His dedication and energy for the game is passed throughout the entire team, and it really helps us play with intensity.”
Co-captains Michael Crouch and Aaron Davey also recognize Cho’s ability to bring energy back to the team. Crouch applauds Cho’s leadership skills by stating that “As a leader, Hoon is really good at constructive criticism, being able to help all players—Varsity or JV—at passing techniques, as well as supplying our team energy with a ‘HOIYA’ when we need it.” Davey agrees, adding that “Hoon’s presence is enough to wake our team up when we are in tough situations.”
Cho is not only a key leader on the boy’s volleyball team but is also very involved in school and leadership activities as well. In fact, Cho has been a member of student government for three years, serving on student council his sophomore year and the Associated Student Body his junior and senior year. As a result of his dedication and love for Wilcox, he was even awarded “Most Spirited” by his peers for Senior Superlatives. Next year, Cho will be attending San Jose State University and plans on majoring in Kinesiology.
Cho’s final Volleyball season as a Wilcox Charger may have ended, but it is unquestionable that his impact on his teammates and peers will live on for many years to come. Whether it is his undeniable skill as a player or his inspiring spirit as a friend and teammate, Cho has been a vital part of the volleyball team for all four of his years at Wilcox.

Courtesy of Ling Feng