Humans of WILCOX: Aya Furuta

Samantha Marecek

Modest. Determined. Hardworking. These words and more can easily describe Wilcox High School junior Aya Furuta. Often found in the library, Aya Furuta strives to surpass the expectations of others, while maintaining a down-to-earth personality. Her modesty and positivity shines bright wherever she goes, whether it is through helping theatre productions, scoring a hole-in-one in golf, playing piano, or simply doing volunteer work for the community, Aya Furuta is an inspiration to all of those around her.
Furuta participates in a variety of extracurricular activities such as golf, theatre, band, Japan club, and Thespian club. In addition, she helps at the Santa Clara city theatre, and volunteers at a Japanese preschool. She has also played in band from the seventh grade onward. Fellow band member Alexis Plowman describes that for as long as she has known Furuta, she “has involved herself in any musical activity available to her. From singing in the choir and playing cello while in elementary school to playing clarinet throughout middle and high school, I have come to know Aya as a person who never seizes to challenge herself and widen her musical knowledge.” Plowman continues by saying that, “At Wilcox, Aya has been a member of the concert band for 3 years as a clarinet player and she currently serves as a section leader. As a leader, Aya puts the needs of others before her own as she is not afraid to take the time to let people know that she cares.” Outside of school, Furuta participates in Wilcox’s Winter Percussion ensemble, a competitive indoor marching activity. Plowman expresses that “It’s really neat to get to work with someone who has such a big heart for music and people.”
“Aya is very modest and she would never admit it, but she’s patient, considerate, and compassionate,” says Wilcox sophomore Samantha Meng, a close friend of Furuta’s. “She always tries her best and she’s very determined, and she always encourages people to stay positive.” One of her favorite quotes is ‘Positivity gets you places.’ Furuta utilizes what she learned from playing golf to improve and hone her skills such as scoring and concentrating on the game. “She doesn’t let bad things that happen drag her down, and even when she doesn’t do well for a portion of the match, she still finishes strong and she still encourages other people,” Meng remarks. She continues, claiming that “She is really responsible in theatre. She’s always really helpful, whether she is programming sounds or is preparing people for the show.” Aya Furuta enjoys designing sounds for theatre productions, and is “really good at it too.” “She was voted Theatre’s favorite crew member, which shows how people genuinely like to work with her.” Meng recalls. “She never lets her personal opinions get in the way of making it a great show. She’s super responsible, I can trust her with anything.” Furuta’s dedication to theatre and her positivity has shaped her into a hardworking and successful individual.
When asked what she hopes to achieve in her life, Furuta answers that she hopes “to be able to do what I’m doing right now to the extent of my abilities” and to “enjoy high school.” Furuta is co-captain of the golf team, and at a number two position. Last year, Furuta earned a plaque, for “Most Improved” in golf. Furuta enjoys hobbies such as photography, sound design for theatre, and playing musical instruments such as the clarinet and piano. She takes cares of her younger siblings and goes to Japanese school on Saturdays, further exemplifying her dedication to her activities. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she hopes to pursue either a science-related career or a translating career, but she emphasizes that she still is “unsure of a specific career.” Her interests stem from a love of math and an enjoyment of helping others.
“I would say that Aya is a wholesome person. Anyone who knows her, knows her laugh. She laughs at anything and everything. It almost makes me believe that I’m actually funny. She’s always upbeat. Ten out of ten would recommend being your friend,” Aya’s friend, Katherine Nguyen says when asked to describe Aya.

Aya Furuta in a performance of Almost, Maine.
Courtesy of Aya Furuta