Rants and Raves

Juhi Bhatia, Staff Writer


Fortnite: I know, some current readers are looking at this and probably thinking, “shouldn’t this be in the rave section” I’m sorry to say it, but “no.” I played fortnight three times in my life, and I have received no skills, no intelligence, and no pleasure. The game was so simple that I got bored easily. In the game, you just jump from the sky and stroll around these areas. The question that is still unanswered to me is, “Why is this boring game so popular when it is just not fun?” To me, a game like Mario is far better because it is more interesting to win and move to the next difficulty level, but in Fortnite it’s just the same game over and over. Why waste time playing the video game all day when you win nothing special? How mundane!

Textbooks: The problem is not the the use of textbooks educationally, it’s the weight of them. I have strained muscles and damaged fingers with the unnecessary weight of each textbook I have. I have seven classes, own six textbooks, and only use two daily. So why am I required to take each of my textbooks to class if I am not using them? Plus, they are harmful for the environment because of the amount of paper used to fill the book. They are just unnessary. That’s why, in this generation, we should use online textbooks so that our backs can take a break.

Glasses: I am not referring to our sunglasses; I am referring to actual prescription glasses. You need gorilla glue to keep your glasses on your face during PE. I have had several incidents where I have broken people’s glasses. Once it happened in PE, another time in PE, and once again during PE. Thankfully, no one asked me to pay them for the damage. Glasses fall off, break, and fog up. They require so much care, and they are such a hassle. I have worn contacts for almost five years now, and I have no idea where my glasses are. Been there, done that.



Coffee: I love coffee. I have problems without coffee. I am dead without coffee. It’s not the taste that’s attractive, but the smell. When you enter a coffee shop early morning, the smell itself wakes you up. Ms. Guttadauro’s room in the morning has a strong scent of dark roasted coffee that lingers in the filters. It probably keeps her students awake for the rest of the day. But the best coffee is not the coffee packets you buy from Starbucks or the instant coffee jars from Costco; it’s the real and natural grinded coffee beans, which are then drenched in hot water. That coffee mixed with just the right amount of milk and sugar can make any day the best day. Without coffee in the morning, there is a ninety-five percent chance I will have a bad day. So if you are having a bad morning, just drink some coffee. It will get you going.

Hotels: I know hotels can be a busy and expensive place. However, the real bliss is in the daily stay at a hotel. For example, waking up slowly around eleven in the morning after a nice sleep on the soft and warm beds starts anyone’s day right. After getting up, I head out in pajamas to the breakfast area downstairs. I can grab all the food I want and eat millions of omelettes made by a professional chef. Then, when I head back, the room is already clean and spotless, and the bed is made. In other words, hotels are a place to crash in style. Why not be lazy, get food in bed, and get your room completely clean? It’s just a new home for the time you are in the foreign area, but it’s the time I always enjoy.

Netflix: When you want to binge watch but you are at school, just open your laptop, put on subtitles, and look like you are typing your online assessment. I am not trying to influence anybody, school first, then Netflix, kids. I am shocked that it’s on every device you can think of and so entertaining. The best part, is that even in really bad wifi, sometimes if you ask it nicely, Netflix will load. It’s not poor quality screening that we all get on YouTube or even television sometimes. It is in nice HD where you can even see the actors’ pimples trying to hide under all that theatrical makeup.