Strange But True February

Sakshi Bharagava, Staff Writer

The Bedazzled Pigeon:
Sometimes owners like to dress up their pets, but this couple in Phoenix, Arizona must have really loved their pet. A pigeon was found in Peoria, Arizona, wearing a vest made of rhinestones. The pigeon was taken to the local shelter, and his pictures were posted all over the media, in an attempt to “find his owners. The pigeon, Olive, went missing on November 7th, 2018. His vest earned him the nickname, the Bedazzled Pigeon. Since his pictures went viral on social media, a friend of the owners saw it, and notified Marlette Fernando and her husband. Meanwhile, Olive got his own photoshoot, and Instagram page.

Raining Cats and Dogs:
A sea tornado in a coastal city of China not only hailed, but also brought a downpour of animals. The city of Qingdao is no stranger to sea animals. However, it is definitely not common to see animals falling from the sky. Some photographs show animals like starfish clinging to windows, while octopus and shrimp hang on electric wires.

No Trousers Day:
On Sunday January 7th, hundreds of people in cities worldwide took their pants off and went to work in honor of “No Trousers on Tube Day”. This was very common in the big cities, like New York, Dublin, Berlin, Toronto, and especially in London. This year, London’s No Trousers Day went on despite the drastic change in weather, which dropped to 3 degrees Celsius. The Upper Lip Society, an improv group, organized the event in London. They encouraged the participants to “sit in the car as they normally would,” while trying to keep a straight face. Participants met at Westminster at 3 pm, and rode on tube trains for hours. The day ended with an after party at London’s Soho neighborhood.

Krispy Kreme:
In Louisiana, a doughnut delivery made a whole truck of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts crisp. The delivery was in Lexington when it caught on fire. The truck had gotten too hot, and and started to flame up. Although no one was hurt, a whole truckload of doughnuts were burnt. The police immediately posted it all over social media, and police over the world reposted it. After this, police in every city have now started delivering Krispy Kreme doughnuts to shelters and organizations.

Elvis Signal:
In the in the German town of Friedberg, just north of Frankfurt, tourists can see Elvis Presley at every traffic light. The town decided to change their lights from the default circle to the body of Elvis Presley in honor of his legacy. The idea was created by the local politician, Marion Gotz, in order to attract more tourists. Apparently, Presley was stationed in Friedberg while serving in the U.S. Army, between 1958 and 1960. The town fell in love with his music, and it already has a square named after him.