Humans of Wilcox: Petra Vinkler


Petra Vinkler

Vinkler plays several sports such as lacrosse and cross country.

Samantha Marecek, Lit-Art Editor

Whether it is in the hallways, on the field, or in the surrounding community, Wilcox senior Petra Vinkler stuns all with her bright smile and friendly personality. She recently moved to California from Utah and has already amassed a number of memories at Wilcox High School. A brief interview that took place on the school track revealed what motivates her and how she inspires those around her.
In addition to performing well in school, Vinkler is a part of the Wilcox lacrosse team as well as the cross country team. Julia Kononova, a junior on the cross country team, speaks fondly of Petra, saying that “She’s the kind of person who emanates kindness and energy and positivity. Even though she wasn’t able to run part of the season due to an injury, she still contributed while maintaining a great attitude. Petra’s generally an amazing teammate and really fun to be around!” Vinkler shines brightly on the lacrosse field as well. Her wide smile and outgoing personality helps motivate her teammates to stay positive through practices, she can usually be seen helping new players learn the sport as well. Vinkler is extremely dedicated to the sport, and shows up to every practice ready to try her best. Her passion and motivation are her greatest drive in succeeding in all that she does. “I feel like since I’m new to Wilcox, being part of a sports team is my biggest contribution” Vinkler says. Overall, Vinkler is a very kind person and is always positive and approachable.
Vinkler enjoys helping others, as seen in sports, school, and everywhere else. When asked what advice she would give to incoming freshmen, she said to not care too much about what other people think, because they are going to judge anyway. “Just be yourself and enjoy high school and make the most of it” Vinkler says. “You’re probably not going to see anyone in four years anyway.” Vinkler also stresses the importance of being active in the community. “Make the most of high school and participate as much as you can, because more participation leads to more memories” Vinkler states. Vinkler herself is inspired by the notion that she can improve herself every day. “Just the fact that I can build myself a future and just other people’s successes inspire me.” Vinkler exclaims.
Vinkler is passionate about a variety of activities such as painting. When asked what career she is interested in pursuing, she replied, “I considered working in business, or in art. For a while I wanted to be an interior designer.” She adds that, “My favorite subject in school would probably be psychology, but I’m not taking it this year.”
Vinkler’s contagious smile may appear enough to motivate others to be like her, but when asked what motivates Vinkler to perform at her utmost ability, her response was simple: “It can be a fun day.” She elaborates “even if it was not the best day, I know that tomorrow is going to be a better day, and I can make it better. You can make tomorrow better. Just try to do something fun everyday that makes you happy.” Vinkler’s mindset can clearly be seen through her intense dedication and passion towards her interests.
When asked where she sees herself in ten years, Vinkler replied that she is still not sure. “I don’t know. I want to own a house, and I want to live on the east coast because I have family there and I love it there so much. I want to have a steady job and be happy.” However, in spite of these dreams, Vinkler hopes to enjoy her final moments of high school. “Enjoy high school while it lasts,” Vinkler advises.
Overall, Vinkler shines wherever she goes, and works hard to perform at her best, and help others perform at their best. Vinkler cares deeply about her community, and is a brilliant ray of light ready to lead the way.