Club Spotlight: National Art Honors Society


Courtesy of Harpreet Kaur

The Wilcox branch of NAHS is involved in various community mural projects.

Lindsey Regan

Self expression is one factor that drives students to achieve their individual goals throughout high school and in almost any aspect of their lives. The art club, or more formally known as Wilcox’s branch of the National Art Honors Society, assists this aspiration, helping students achieve their artistic goals by providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents through painting murals, sketching designs for club shirts, and collaborating on community projects.
The NAHS was originally established in 1978 as an art association for students in high school. The group recognizes students who excel in the arts and those who enjoy expressing their personal passions and capabilities. Throughout the years, many high schools across the country have joined this group including our very own Wilcox High School as of the 2018-2019 school year.
Consisting of various members of all grades and one advisor, the Wilcox art club is composed of a diverse group of students who all constantly focus on their various after school projects. Ms. Morton, who has been an art teacher for sixteen years and the advisor of the art club, oversees the club and helps the students organize plans regarding club projects, along with the respected group of student officers. This group includes president Harpreet Kaur, vice president Tara Choudhry, events commissioner Jennifer Ngo, secretary Anna Cao, treasurer Sarah Liang, and publicist Amrisha Srivastava. The members of the art club work in harmony to complete various activities.
Currently, the art club is working on creating a mural to add more color and vibrance to Wilcox’s campus. The mural is painted on the outside wall of Ms. Morton’s art classroom, located along Calabazas Boulevard. The space which was once a blank wall is now filled with an outstanding mural. The mural is composed of a silhouette wearing a “cape” decorated with various symbols that represent the diversity of the students at Wilcox.
The art club is also working on a mural for the Santa Clara Community Day School. Many thought that the campus needed a splash of color to brighten up its appearance and to bring extra positivity to the students and staff there. Because of this, staff from the school recently reached out to the art club and proposed the idea to create a masterpiece that would be featured on their campus. The mural, as it is currently being put together includes many of California’s beautiful landscapes and various morals that are meant to lift the viewers’ moods. The mural is based on natural beauty including trees, animals, and vibrant California poppies. In the center, hands appear to be opening up to reveal a dove perched upon them. This idea was created by the club in order to “give the message of peace and love,” as stated by Kaur.
The Wilcox Art Club stands as a group that helps students expose others to the wonderful world of art. As Ms. Morton states, “art is all about communication,” and this is what the club bases their work on. In the future, she hopes to travel more with the club and become involved in more community service projects within the school and outside as well. She believes that this will create an “opportunity for the whole student body to experience.”
Many students strive to share their skills with others and this club helps them do so. Club members enjoy collaborating with others while creating works that demonstrate how art skills can be used to beautify once barren areas.