Humans of Wilcox: Vince Kloes


Courtesy of Vince Kloes

Kloes proudly smiles with members of Interact at the Fall Leadership Conference (FLC).

Emma Torzec, Lifestyles Editor

“I think Wilcox has a community diverse in talent…as a result we have a flourishing environment to learn, socialize, and mature into adults and citizens.” Wilcox junior Vince Kloes expresses his thoughts on our school, explaining why he has always been so eager to get involved in the numerous activities which Wilcox provides. Kloes has been a part of multiple clubs since his freshman year, and he is also involved in sports during his after school hours. Being involved with both the Outlet Club and Interact Club activities outside of school since the seventh grade ensures that Kloes has a lot on his plate. He is a part of the Santa Clara Youth Commision for the first time this year, and also serves as Wilcox’s Representative to the Santa Clara Unified School District Board of Trustees, which he claims is one of the most impactful things he has been involved in so far.
The busy junior got involved with a new club at Wilcox: The Outlet. Kloes has been a part of the The Outlet for two years and enjoys attending various sporting events as he is always eager to support our teams: “I want our student section to be hyped!” He urges students to join. Kloes also expresses a passion for Interact which he has been dedicating time to for five years; joining at Peterson Middle School as a seventh grader. Kloes was motivated to join because he is driven towards getting involved with community service. This year he is serving as co-president alongside senior Hannah Warner. Kloes shares how impactful and large-scale the organization of Interact is, explaining it is affiliated with schools in Santa Clara, Alameda, and Santa Cruz, and San Benito. “I serve on District Council, representing nine schools in SCUSD, Campbell Union, and Los Gatos-Saratoga, along with twenty-six other high schoolers throughout the Bay Area,” the junior proudly shares. The club works to aid social problems both inside of Kloes’ community and abroad. This year their goal was to raise money to provide eye exams, vaccines, and commodities to local children in need.
Outside of Interact, Kloes dedicates a number of hours to the Santa Clara Youth Commission which, he adds, is an experience he is grateful to be able to have since not all cities have their own youth commissions. “We’re held to a high standard and expected to operate just as any of the other commissions do, and those are all adults!” He emphasizes. Kloes explains that the commission keeps him busy as they organize a number of activities for their community, such as a free movie night each month that is open to anyone. In addition to movie nights, “we have been planning an inclusive maker space, with STEM related activities accessible to people of all abilities,” Kloes explains. Kloes has also been able to gain experience and knowledge regarding how local governments run, which was one of the reasons why he chose to join.
“We students don’t get to vote in elections, which can leave an important opinion out of the picture.” He explains that being able to stand before the school board and voice his thoughts has allowed him to connect with other students and adults, which is important since the decisions made at these meetings, affect everyone.
Aside from time spent towards his extracurricular activities regarding his community, Kloes has been a part of the cross-country team since his sophomore year. The runner explains that running has become a good outlet for stress and anxiety, adding that it keeps him healthy both physically and mentally. Kloes shares that the “tightly-knit team,” was extremely welcoming, it became an environment in which he felt supported and he has no regrets joining. Aside from running, his hobbies include skiing, which he has partaken in since he was four years old, as well as swimming and stand up paddle boarding. When it comes to school Kloes enjoys both science and history. His interest in science prompted him to become an intern at the Geological Survey in Menlo Park: “it has really opened up a new world for me to understand the practical application of science in society,” he fondly adds. Kloes jokes that being intrigued must be genetic as both his father and grandfather studied history. Overall, Kloes is an upstanding citizen with an endless reserve of curiosity.