September Democratic Debate Highlights 9/12/2019

Samantha Meng

The democratic debate on 9/12/2019 took place in Texas and consisted of the top 10 democrats running for president. Here are the Highlights and Flops:

Cory Booker:

  • Booker dominated all three debates but his numbers don’t seem to show that it matters that much. He was far less controversial than some of the other candidates and focused most of his replies on his policies.
  • Talked a lot about the neighborhood he came from.
  • Mentions his goals with the environmental issues that plagued marginalized communities.

Bernie Sanders: 

  • Criticizes the current government for being oligarchical.
  • Dominated conversations about education, healthcare. Fell flat in other conversations about foreign policy.
  • His hands have made a comeback.

Elizabeth Warren:

  • Dominated healthcare conversation with Sanders.
  • Called out the corruption of the NRA.
  • Name drops Obama and is applauded.

Andrew Yang:

  • Offers people money.
  • Has an extremely passionate fanbase.
  • “I am Asian so I know a lot of doctors.”

Beto O’Rourke:

  • While Beto did not have as much speaking time as many of the other candidates, his firm stance on assault rifle bans made his appearance memorable.
  • The candidates took turns commending O’Rourke on his response to the El Paso shooting that happened in his state.
  • His fundraiser numbers show that he definitely took the W.

Amy Klobuchar:

  • Had some pretty good moments: “While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill”
  • “I don’t want to be the president for half of America, I want to the president for all of America.”
  • “We’ve gotta send a message to Mitch McConnell. We can’t wait until one of us gets in the White House. We have to pass those bills right now. We cannot spare another innocent life.”

Pete Buttigieg:

  • Coming out story.
  • Urges voters to trust the system.
  • Reverse Uno Card: “(Trump) said he’d like to see me making a deal with Xi Jinping. I’d like to see him making a deal with Xi Jinping.”

Julian Castro:

  • During the first debate, Castro excelled next to candidates who were less memorable. However, as the stage became narrower, Castro, compared to front runners that were polling at significantly higher numbers, took a surprising approach in focusing his attacks on VP Biden.
  • Viewers found his quips to be quite rude but it was all the reporters could talk about following the debate. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Kamala Harris: 

  • Dodged questions about her record as a prosecutor more smoothly than Kellyanne Conway would.
  • “Trump reminds me of that guy from “The Wizard of Oz” When you pull back the curtain, he’s a really small dude.” (Uh… you mean the Wizard?)
  • Lightened attacks on Biden and focused them on Trump.
  • She cackled

Joe Biden: 

  • Was V good victim of attacks coming from literally everyone else.
  • Spoke a lot about healthcare and defended his policies against Warren and Sanders.
  • Played the Obama card many times: (referring to Warren) “I know that senator says she’s for Bernie. I’m for Barrack.”

In the end, who won the debate? The ten families that receive the money in Yang’s massive give-away.

Loser? My final brain cell.