Humans of WILCOX: Kendra Krueger


COURTESY OF KENDRA KRUEGER. enjoys outdoor activities such as cross country, hiking, and biking.

Noa Wieder, Staff Writer

“Just enjoy your time here at Wilcox and make the best of every moment because sooner or later, this fun-filled journey will be over and we’ll all go our separate ways.” This is the mantra of Kendra Krueger, a junior at Wilcox High School. Krueger is making the most of her high school experience and is very involved at Wilcox, she runs on the cross country and track and field teams. She is extremely hardworking, and balances difficult classes with her after school activities.
Krueger is a stellar student and athlete in the Wilcox community. She has participated in track and field as well as cross country since her freshman year. Krueger first joined track and field as a way to be involved in the school community, and it sparked in her a love for running. This year, she is now a captain of the cross country team. She says one of her favorite things about being on the team is the team dynamic. Everyone on the team is encouraging and supportive, which makes for a positive environment. Krueger adds, “Nothing feels better than running a personal best at a meet and having the support of your whole team around you: it’s an absolutely amazing feeling. I used to do gymnastics, but I wasn’t the best at it and once I started running in middle school, I found that that was the sport for me.” Krueger explains that it feels great having something she is passionate about, and it helps clear her head.
In addition to being a dedicated runner on the cross country and track and field teams, Krueger is an avid reader. As an honors student, Krueger is often swamped with homework, so for her, reading is a calming escape. She explains, “I don’t have much time during the school year to [read] because of all the homework I have, but during the summer, one of my favorite things to do is curl up with a good book. I also really enjoy doing so during the holiday break because it’s cold and rainy outside, and I love being nice and warm inside, especially with hot cocoa, a warm fuzzy blanket, and a phenomenal book.”
As a well rounded and kindperson, Krueger is a role model. When asked about how her high school experience has had so far, she replied, “It definitely gets more challenging, but on the other hand, high school is also a really fun, once in a lifetime experience. ”
Krueger’s teammates also describe her as an excellent and supportive team member. Eva Lim, a sophomore and Krueger’s teammate, explains that on her first day of practice, Krueger made her feel very welcome. She explains, “She’s always super optimistic and friendly to everyone. I remember as a freshman I was really scared because it was my first practice and I didn’t know anyone. But she ran with me, talked to me, and made me feel really welcome.” Lim also emphasizes Krueger’s enthusiastic personality, saying, “She’s always super positive: even when she’s injured or not feeling the best she always encourages her teammates. She is always looking out for others and I admire her for that.”
Krueger’s cross country coach, Becki Kriege, fondly writes, “Kendra is level-headed, resilient, and hardworking. These are the qualities that will serve her well on and off the cross country course.” Krueger works hard and plays hard, she is loved by her friends and teammates, and is an example student, friend, and citizen.