Rants and Raves

Azul Faurrieta Ruiz , Staff Writer


Running: I hate running. Who wants to run and get tired for fun? Walking is better because it still keeps you healthy, evokes a sense of calm, helps you with stress, and clears your mind. In contrast, running gets you tired and breathless, does not clear your mind, and it feels like you’re running from someone. Honestly, to me, running is a waste of time and it’s boring. Sometimes it’s good to run for sports, but running in general is not very fun.

Books: In my opinion, books, in general, are bad. They’re too much to read, they take forever to finish, and the longer books are incredibly tedious. I don’t want to waste my time reading fiction books, especially because they are about topics or events that probably don’t even exist. Some books are not even interesting or fun, and it’s hard to find a genre you like. Also, most times books don’t get interesting until either the middle or end of the book. Books are boring and also aren’t environmentally safe because they waste a lot of paper during the printing process.

School: School is oftentimes a large source of pressure for students, including tests that stress students out. It can get to the point where kids just stop trying and caring about school. Some students have to study and go to college so that they can get a job and be paid just enough money to have a comfortable life, while others don’t go to college because the school didn’t help them develop their skills enough to do college work. Schools don’t teach us many life skills, such as how to do our taxes, how to finance a car, or how to buy a house. Schools should start to rethink their current curriculum, because a lot of it is irrelevant to daily life and our futures.


Miraculous Ladybug: yes it may seem like a kids show to most of you but honestly it stopped being a kid show the second Chat blanc came out. It’s fun and could be something that makes you feel safe and the love square. I mean it’s just amazing, I love miraculous especially season 4 and I don’t care that I have to watch it in another language just because it hasn’t come out in English first. It’s funny, romantic, friendly, exciting, and a bit weird, and if you get attached to it like me and a million other people in the world it would be sad in some scenes. If you’re reading this I expect you to watch it and if you don’t find it interesting just watch chat blanc. It’s fun to come up with theories and just have a comfort show.

Netflix: We all love Netflix, and have stayed up all night watching movies or series because it can be addictive. There are many good shows to watch and a variety of movies. Netflix could sometimes even be your mental support, when you relate to a specific character or situation depicted in a show. Plus, Netflix isn’t even that expensive: only around $7 a month.

Phone cases: If you have a phone there’s a chance you have a phone case. A case protects your phone from breaking, for example, if it falls it could protect it from breaking. There are many different colors and designed cases, so plus having your phone protected also looks nice.