Rants and Raves

Jacob Shklovski, Staff Writer

Hiking: There are many forms of experiencing nature including biking, climbing, skiing, going on drives and more. Would it be fun just to walk for miles for no reason other than just walking. Thinking is an activity that all kids sigh at when their parents make them go. When you hike somewhere beautiful the views could be amazing but in my opinion they do not last forever. You may enjoy watching water fall from a tall cliff but in no longer than five minutes it becomes boring again.
P.E. Running: People dread P.E. during block days for one and only reason. You may be playing badminton, volleyball, or soccer and having fun doing it. But just as your day starts to get good you hear your teacher tell you it’s time for the run. To get full credit on the run you must complete four laps around the fields which would equal two whole miles. After an already extra long P.E. session you have to run two miles under twenty minutes at the end of it all.
Long lunch lines: One really good thing that the district has offered this year was free food, but this led to some issues. The lines this year have been enormous and with people cutting in line and coming back for seconds it is almost impossible to not spend half the lunch period standing in line. As the rules got broken more and more they put in security measures by making people put in their ID number. But this may have slowed the line down.
Chocolate: If there is one sweet that boosts your mouth with flavor and richness it is chocolate. Chocolate can be consumed in many different ways including hot chocolate, brownies, or just simply hacking down on a Hershey’s bar. Chocolate lowers bad cholesterol levels and has many other health benefits including lowering blood pressure, lowering risk of heart disease and overall making your mood better. So sip down on some hot cocoa while getting ready for the holidays.
Holidays: Holidays are a great time when friends and family get to see each other again. The food, the music, and the whole vibe is amazing. All school stress is gone for the wonderful two weeks full of holiday spirit. The past few years people have not been able to travel but now all your relatives can visit during this holiday season. Many more shows and events will be open and all of the holiday traditions you could not do last year will go back to normal.
Airpods: The convenience of not having the cords connecting from the earbuds to the phone is great. When doing any physical activity whether it be a sport, work, or just walking around they stay in your ear with great stability and sound quality. The battery life is great and they charge quite quickly. Studies have shown that listening to selected music supports performance in physical activity hence using the airpods.