What’s New With Apple?


Apple’s new innovations include the iPhone 14 pro. Courtesy of: iGeeksblog

Angelina Di Lascio, Staff Writer

As technology advances as years go by, one of the biggest companies performing development is Apple. Apple’s products are used daily by many people around the world, whether it utilizing an iPhone, MacBook, or even headphones. They’re proven as a very big part of society. Over the past few months, Apple has already introduced the public to new Apple headphones, which were a big hit throughout the world. Recently, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, just announced their new product launch on September 23 2022, with fascinating new features, including the new iPhone 14 Pro, newly developed AirPods, and apple watches. 

The new iPhone 14 Pro might not look as different from the iPhone 13 but it does include new features. One of the most useful and groundbreaking characteristics of the new iPhone is the emergency satellite connection. An article from the Washington Post discloses how to use the new feature; “To connect to a satellite, you’ll be prompted to point your phone at a specific part of the clear sky. Because the bandwidth is so limited, sending even text messages can be extremely difficult — as a result, you’re essentially prompted to send a canned message that describes the nature of your emergency.” Many people may agree that is a very covenant quality of the iPhone, especially if one has no service during an emergency. 

In addition to the new iPhone 14 pro coming out soon, so are the new and improved AirPods 2 Pro. The last set of Airpods included personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, it is sweat and water-resistant, and even has a great sense of detection but the new Airpods 2 Pro includes customizable soundproof earbuds, noise cancellation is now enhanced and is a completely new shape to have a better experience while listening to music. Sophomore Wilcox student Anastasia Salina’s uses AirPods on a daily basis. She states, “I am very excited for the new AirPods launch, they are  Apple products so I assume that they would be really good. The new AirPod’s battery life would last longer compared to my first-generation AirPods. I would be able to listen to music without being bothered by sounds around me, the only thing that I do not find covenant is that they cost 249 dollars.” Many students are already looking forward to this launch to come on September 23rd because recently many of the iPhones have been slowed down and glitched out. 

One of the last products Apple is launching is the new Apple Watch Ultra. Looking back to the latest Apple watch, its features were practically like an iPhone on your wrist,  you could text, call, check your health, email, and it was even waterproof. Now the new Apple watch Ultra has a wider screen, can hold more data that would be secure and private, it will have two motion sensors and battery life would last 18-36 hours a day. 

With all these new improvements, Apple will grow larger and even more advanced as the years go by. This launch is only the beginning of many launches to come.