Athlete of the month: Lydia Yi


Megan Breslin, Staff writer

The fall of a new school year can mean many things to different students: new classes, a new schedule, opportunities to see friends, or the chance to try new extracurriculares. For one senior, Lydia Yi, it also means the start of her final season as Co-Captain of the Wilcox Girls Varsity Waterpolo team. 

In addition to being captain, Lydia is a three-year varsity player and the team’s starting center, the most important offensive position in the game. Her leadership by example in the pool is undoubtedly a vital element to the team’s success. The girls’ varsity water polo team is currently undefeated, having won all nine of their games so far; Lydia’s contributions to the team’s achievements have not gone unnoticed by her teammates. 

“Lydia is a dependable and loyal friend,” says Lucy Clarke, Senior and fellow team co-captain. “She’s the most trustworthy person I know.” Lydia has earned the label dependable; she consistently scores multiple goals every game and attends all practices on time. She also encourages her teammates at practices to put in their best effort and work to improve. 

Lydia also swims for Wilcox high school. Last year, she attended CCS, the next level of competition after the league tournament, for swimming. In addition to her commitment to the athletics programs at Wilcox, she also maintains a good GPA while taking advanced classes. 

When asked about her experience playing water polo, Yi expressed gratitude for the sport, saying, “Water polo forced me out of my comfort zone. I was never a naturally aggressive or competitive person, but the people I met and opportunities I took a hold of unleashed another side of me I never would’ve uncovered otherwise, in a good way.”

Previously, Lydia was also captain of another water sport team. She performed with the Santa Clara Aquamaids, a well-accomplished artistic swimming team, and was captain of their national team. She also swam for the adjacent Santa Clara swim club. Her prior experience in leadership has paid off, according to teammate Kirsty Milne, Senior. Milne states, “Lydia is not only one of our most valuable players but also a very dependable person. She is very easygoing and always gives us the best advice.” 

Addie Garnett, Junior, agreed with Milne, “Lydia is someone that anyone can effortlessly get along with. Whether in the pool or at school, she’s always someone to look up to.” Communication and collaboration are essential in a team sport such as water polo. Being able to help your teammates improve and work together is as important as any individual skill level.

Yi’s presence as a leader on the team and her talent as a player will surely be missed after her graduation from Wilcox. Riya Kelker, Junior, points this out, saying, “I’m sad but excited to spend my last season with Lydia on the team; I can’t wait to watch all the goals she scores this season.” Both in the water and around Campus, Lydia’s spirit, hard work, and positive influence on those around her make her a great example of what it means to be charger strong.