Spirit Teams Uncovered


Wilcox Dance Team on Instagram

The dance team prepares to perform

Lindsey Martin

   The spirit teams of Wilcox High School are one of the many things that bring up that Charger spirit! In recent years, the spirit teams include the strong and fierce Song Pom Team and the driven and energizing Cheer Squad. Both groups showcase their performances at sports games including football and basketball. They also perform during school-wide rallies. The hours of hard work and dedication are undoubtedly shown through their routines whether that be a half-time performance or a flash mob during lunch. 

   Not only do the spirit squads put on an amazing show but they also are a big contributing factor to keeping up our Charger spirit. To get a better insight into the cheer team, a member of the team who also participated in Stunt earlier this year was interviewed. They said, “The year has been pretty good, I feel like I have improved a lot stunt-wise.” After seeing countless cheer performances, stunting has been proven to be considered a major part of cheerleading in general. From building intricate stunts, baskets (when the flyer is tossed into the air), and even simple shoulder sits, the possibilities are endless to execute a creative and safe stunt. 

     Even though being a part of a high-spirited and lively team has its benefits, such as meeting new people and forming bonds, there can also be another set of challenges that goes along with it. The cheer team member remarked, “Some challenges may include some people not putting enough effort which makes the whole team not look as good as it could be, or forgetting items like jackets which leads to none of us being able to wear them.” The cheerleader also revealed, “If I could make things run more smoothly within the team I would”. After reviewing the challenges members of the team may face, let’s get a better insight and look into how the team would overcome these obstacles. The member revealed, “If there was an obstacle, the team would create a more positive energy to get more pumped and motivated to push through.” Despite some difficulties the spirit team might encounter throughout the school year, it’s important that they still have teamwork and will remain positive even through tough times. Furthermore, learning about what adversity the team may face sparked an interest to learn more about the fun aspects of the team and what a team member would enjoy. I asked the cheerleader what was her favorite part about being on the Wilcox Cheer Team and she noted, “My favorite part of being on the team is definitely stunting and making closer bonds with my teammates.” Joining a team not only has its perks physically by allowing you to do what you love but it also allows you to form lifelong friendships and bond with other people who share the same passion and interest. To conclude the interview, I wanted to ask if she had learned anything new mentally or physically after being a part of the team, “I have learned many things throughout my time during the cheer team but the most important thing I’ve learned is to relax and just do it”. Overall, I gained a better understanding of how the cheerleading team functions including overcoming obstacles and the beneficial aspects of being a part of the team. 

   Being a part of a spirit team definitely isn’t a cake walk and it definitely can push you both physically and mentally. Even after learning about some problems and issues the teams may face, in the end, it will work out for the team. Through hard work, positive attitudes, and good hearts, the spirit teams of Wilcox bring a whole new energy to being Charger Strong and the Wilcox community wouldn’t be the same without them.