Rants and Raves


Jacob Shklovski

“I love airpods”

Jacob Shklovski, Sports Editor



In the last few years, AirPods have taken the world by storm. Whether it be the classic Apple Airpods, another company’s, or a cheap knockoff, most people are used to having a wireless device to listen to music these days. Even with this new rise of technology, these AirPods have many cons. These AirPods are easy to lose and even harder to replace with their price. With traditional earbuds, you can discreetly tuck the cord into your shirt and have easily accessible music that won’t fall off easily. Even if these headphones get lost, the highest price one will generally find is around twenty dollars– which is a lot lower than the general price of wireless earbuds, which are around at least 150 dollars.


School Lunch:

Ever since school lunches have become free for students, the quality and the quantity have gone down. Since last year, kids have been complaining about the small portions of food given to them by the school– leaving them hungry. This caused students to go in other lines for seconds and even thirds, causing the school to restrict getting seconds. Even with these rules set up, people still find ways to break the rules because they are hungry and they are not fed enough food. Not only has the amount of food gone down, but it is said by many students that every time a new food item is released it initially tastes good but the quality consistently decreases.



Cakes have become a staple of modern society, they are heavily raised and eaten at many events including birthdays, holidays, and even funerals. One of the main reasons that cakes gained popularity is the ability to decorate them. Most of their fun comes from the cheap, and overly sweet frosting that coats it. There are only two types of cakes that can be seen as delectable. These are the tiramisu and tres leches cakes, and the reason these cakes are good is that they are dunked in liquid which solves the issue of dryness.



Pumpkin Pie:

When fall rolls around every year, one can almost smell the combinations of spices and herbs that make up “pumpkin spice”. Recently, the pumpkin spice flavor has become very popular– with it being made into cookies, drinks, and other baked goods. Of all these flavorful fall treats, the most famous one is pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and pumpkin pie’s smooth and sweet filling exits people over the holiday. Pumpkin is one of the most popular flavorful, spirit-full, and unique pies out there due to it only being popular one month out of the year.



There are many companies competing in the open-toed shoe business, but Crocs takes the lead. When considering companies like Nike, Adidas, and Birkenstock, they all have one thing in common– they are all slides and should be worn for comfort. Crocs are unique in the sense that they can be used as slides, but they also have a sports mode included to keep your feet locked into the bouncy and comfortable foam. Also, unlike these other competing brands, Crocs can get wet because they are completely made of rubber. Not only does this make them waterproof, but it also makes them easy to clean.


Working out alone:

As fun as it is to exercise or go to the gym with friends, working out by yourself is extremely underrated. When people go to the gym with friends it is usually a lot more fun, but lots of people end up wasting time and concentration in the process. Doing practice for sports and lifting weights with peers is enjoyable, but doing it by yourself sometimes can be very healthy. Working on yourself –by yourself– can give you time to think and become more disciplined. When being active alone, not only are you improving your fitness, but you are also clearing out your mind and relieving lots of stress in the process.