Wilcox’s Forgotten Faces


These names from around WIlcox deserve to be remembered. Courtesy of Yusuf Perwez, Nisha Naveen, and the SABR.

It may be hard to believe, but the big doors to the gymnasium, the red clay of the baseball field, and the red rubber of the track were all created to honor some of the greatest people to have ever stepped foot on the Wilcox campus. Whether it’s the Mike Hazlett track, the Creighton A. Lane gym, or the Carney Lansford baseball field, these famous names can be found all around the school. It is likely that students aren’t aware of any more than just the name itself. In reality, each and every one of these names holds a great person and an important impact behind it. 

Speaking of great people, there is no one better fit for the title than Athletic Director, coach, and teacher, Mr. Mike Hazlett. According to Mr. Rosa, the football coach, “Mr. Hazlett was one of the most respected people on campus” and he truly was “a great human being and mentor.” During his time at Wilcox, he coached wrestling, football, and basketball, leading teams to multiple championship wins and bringing the teammates closer together. Apart from his outstanding efforts as a Wilcox staff member, he also made his difference by spreading the motto, “Being nice matters.” He deeply impacted the Wilcox community by spreading this message of kindness, love, and compassion. Although Hazlett has passed, his ability to bring the school together will never be forgotten. His efforts will last forever in the Wilcox community, and still linger in bright-yellow letters on the Wilcox track.

Another exemplary example of being “Charger Strong” is student and athlete, Carney Lansford. He graduated from Wilcox as one of the best athletes to ever attend the school, earning the honor of having a whole baseball field named after him.. Lansford started his career off as a Little League baseball player. His team went all the way to the 1969 World Series championship, but lost to Taiwan in a stunning upset. He later pursued a career as a baseball player for the Oakland A’s. According to the Society for American Baseball Research, “Although he was good enough to earn scholarships to play both football and basketball at the college level, Lansford chose to pursue a career in professional baseball.” He was an outstanding athlete willing to provide his utmost dedication and effort towards the teams he played for. Lansford was known for his sportsmanship, supporting and motivating his teammates to be the best they could be. Because of his feats as a stellar athlete, loyal teammate, and dedicated student, Lansford later received the honor of the Carney Lansford baseball field, which still plays a big role in the Wilcox campus today. 

On the topic of  “Charger Strong,” it is hard to forget the creator of the concept himself, Creighton A. Lane. He was a valued security guard, outstanding coach, amazing person, and true fighter, whose name can be seen proudly painted in the large gym. Lane spent his time at Wilcox as a security guard, keeping the school community safe. However, according to the Mercury News, Lane also made an impact as the school basketball coach, leading the boys varsity team to the very first “league championship in 2001, and the girls team to a CCS title in 2008.” He was known for his ability to push the team forwards while bringing them together and establishing a true sense of teamwork. Mr. Muralt, a  math teacher at Wilcox, emphasized the “care that he put into every student.” Lane did anything possible to bring the students and staff closer together, while constantly driving them forward and improving them for the better. Upon asking Mr. Rosa, he reflected on how he witnessed Lane, “giving students in need money out of his own pocket and food to students who were hungry.” Apart from truly wanting what was best for the kids, Lane even came up with the “Charger Strong” concept, seen around the campus today through the list of words lining the beams of the B-building hall. Overall, this security guard, father figure, coach, and passionate name will always have an impact on the Wilcox community. 

The history of Wilcox has been greatly influenced by some of the most esteemed names to ever enter the campus. These names are still seen today through the track, gymnasium, baseball field, and more. However, these names are simply the surface level glimpse into who these people really are. Therefore, the next time you use any of these incredible facilities, remember that names such as Mike Hazlett, Carney Lansford, and Creighton Lane deserve to be more than just “forgotten faces.”