The “Brownie Glazed Lip” Look


Hailey Bieber doing her “Brownie Glazed” Lip combo. Coutesy of Tiktok.

Each month, there is a new trend spreading across social media, whether it be good or bad; someone always has something to say about it. The most recent makeup trend is the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic. This includes a very natural little to no makeup look with a slick back hairstyle. People within colored communities spoke up against the “Brownie Glazed Lip” because many of the white communities would bully these girls for the way they looked, but then soon enough, they turned it into a trend years later. Since the early 2000s are making a comeback, the classic 2000s makeup is also back; the good and bad comments return like an ongoing cycle. 

On the app, ‘Tiktok’ trends tend to travel at a rapid pace. Lately, a Tiktok video of Hailey Bieber, who is a model, influencer, and is also known as Justin Bieber’s wife, apparently created a new lip combo called the ‘brownie glazed lips’ which includes dark brown liner topped up with gloss. Many Tiktok influencers, such as Addison, Bria, and Benulus tried reminding Hailey that the look had been around for years and that it is not a so-called ‘brownie glazed’ look. 

This makeup look has been around for over a decade, and it was a signature look in the ‘80s to early ‘00s in the colored communities, mainly the Latinx community.  This look was made to make the ‘nude’ lipstick trend resonate with deeper skin tones. In the past makeup brands would only cater to very light skin toned women and not the deeper skin tones.  A student at Wilcox says, “I’ve always used this lip combo and now that a white girl does it and takes full credit for the look, it just seems unfair when it’s been a trend for years in the Hispanic community.” Many girls in the colored communities reached out to Hailey, making Tiktok videos against Hailey’s Lip combo Tiktok tutorial. They portray the same feelings as some Wilcox students, many of the Tiktok influencers going completely off with their opinions.  

It may seem very foolish to be upset regarding a lip combo, but there are many reasons behind all the backlash. A make-up artist called Rukshana Begum states, “No hate to anyone, but I find it interesting how something that was hated becomes loved once it’s trending.” The colored community has always had some sort of hate towards their makeup looking ‘dirty’ or ‘ghetto’ mainly surfacing from non-colored audiences that now use this makeup trend on a daily. It seems awfully rude and offensive when a non-colored girl takes full credit for a trend that certain people with a different color of skin got so much hate for. If one flips back to any old yearbook or early 90s’ or 00s’ pictures, almost every colored girl has the same lip combo that was reintroduced in today’s modern age. Hailey Bieber should have given credit to the colored girls she got inspiration from because this look originated from them, she did not create it and should stop taking credit for this makeup look. 

Past trends should never be reinvented; instead, they should always be taught or used to educate people, especially the younger audiences in our modern age that are clueless about past trends. Now that almost everyone is on social media, past styles should be fully explained. There is so much culture in makeup looks that many are not even aware of. Hopefully, for future trends, history will not repeat itself as people understand where it stems from.