Current Style Trends: In or Out?


the left side is my current personal style, while the right side is clothes that i think are cute & wish to buy in the future. all picture credits go to me / depop inc.

Alexandra Rumford, News Editor


  1. Milkmaid floral print tank tops, #fairycore, and babydoll tees 

Shirts-wise, my favorite points of reference are the 2000s modest. The brightly colored tank tops often layered on top of equally bright (read: clashing) undershirts were a hallmark of the y2k era. Instead of that retro look, I prefer a vintage, Italian, coquette vibe- something that has lace, or a babydoll hem, but definitely something early 2000s Abercrombie. 

  1. True Religion, Miss Me, and Goodwill’s men jeans: LOW RISE  

The bootcut look is in. Flares are cute too, especially the leggings, which are affordable at Brandy for $20. I like the back pockets of Miss Me jeans because they’re bedazzled, which gives me flashbacks to my middle school flip phone. Even though it’s a blast from the past reminiscent of the Xhilaration jeans from Target I used to wear in 5th grade, I feel like they’re easier to rock now. The price tag makes me balk, though- $120 is a steep price for some 2017 knockoffs. Anything low-rise is a must. I’ve decided that low-rise is my moment this year and high-rise jeans have not touched my hips in weeks. Others may prefer high rise- to each their own! 

  1. Brown anything!!!

I love the color brown so much, especially during the fall season. Brown is the perfect neutral shade as it goes with every skin tone. I personally really like brown shoes. The brown converse is completely sold out every time I check the website. Brown vintage 90s Doc Marten Oxfords are SO cute because they give off British colonial vibes

  1. Accessories

Etsy is the best place to buy affordable & cute jewelry. Rings from certain Etsy sellers are so cute and never tarnish, but come with a hefty price tag. Bracelets and necklaces are nice but break easily as a result of their cheap price. Instead, go to a crystal shop and get accessories from there or order metal jewelry from a piercing shop so that it’s safe for your ears. I know buying actual jewelry is expensive for piercings, but it’s worth it to avoid keloids or infections. 



  1. Skinny jeans 

I’m only biased against skinny jeans because I don’t look good in them, but I just can’t imagine having to yank on my jeans every morning. It’s so much easier to wear leggings for a tight look. Also, unless the ankle is flared, I can’t get behind an exposed ankle. I prefer to have any of my foot-related skin covered up with ankle socks. 

  1. Any opened-toe shoes

I just can’t support having the dawgs out at 8:45 am. Do your toes not get cold?? Unless you have a pedicure, I don’t want to see anyone’s feet. Plus, open-toed shoes usually end up not matching school outfits. Teva Water Sandals are only appropriate for white-water rafting, not roaming the halls of Wilcox. There’s a time and a place to be wearing Birkenstocks without socks. Around a fire, yes! Around the R building stairs? No! You could stub a toe, and trust me when I say having a bruised toe as a result of a vicious stub is not fun around these halls. 

  1. Tie-dye 

I used to be very into DIY tie-dye and oversized shirts, which made me look very similar to an enthusiastic camp counselor. I still love tie-dye, but I feel like it’s incredibly hard to style. Tie-dye pants don’t go with anything, tie-dye shirts just look touristy, and I can’t possibly imagine any other good clothing combinations involving tie-dye as a staple. My tie-dye shirts have been retired into sleep shirts for now- but maybe the 80s will come back in a few years.