Myron Rolle: NFL player to a neurosurgeon


courtesy of Tennessee Titans.

picture of myron rolle wearing a neurosurgeon

It’s never too late to accomplish your dreams, and that’s precisely what Myron Rolle proved. After playing three years for the Pittsburgh Steelers Rolle made a drastic decision and took a whole new direction with his life and became a top tier neurosurgeon.

          Rolle knew that bullying and having an uncontrollable temper would be his downfall so he changed his way and began to play football, after hard work he received football scholarships and completed his senior year at Oxford university in England. After some time Rolle was drafted into the Tennessee Titans.

          From playing for the Tennessee Titans and moving on to the Pittsburgh Steelers, he became a neurosurgeon at Mass General Hospital in Boston. Though his past wouldn’t have guaranteed this success, Rolle decided to set things straight and change his path to a better one. He said, “The pivot point for me was standing in that courtroom in front of that judge and having him admonish me for beating up this kid so badly that he had to get medical treatment for his injury.” 

         Even though his first choice wasn’t to become an NFL player and then a neurosurgeon, Rolle had a lot of inspiration and support from his brother and mother. As a young boy, he received a book from his older brother and it inspired him to want to become a doctor but that dream faded away as the years went by and he gave his attention to football after being dropped by the Pittsburgh steelers his mother reminded him what was left on his list and Rolle returned to his dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. 

           He says he had no doubts that he was making the correct decision. “I felt at peace with myself, telling myself I made the right decision,” said Rolle, who had played safety for the Tennessee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers.


Rolle had limited time left to play football and with his new career he knew could do more for others in the field of medicine. In 2018, Rolle graduated from Harvard University as a neurosurgery resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. He completed his neurosurgery residency training at Harvard Medical School in Boston and is now a neurosurgeon at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where he specializes in pediatric neurosurgery and skull base surgery for adults.

When Rolle graduated from Harvard Medical School in May with his M.D. degree, he entered into a residency program at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston as a neurosurgery resident under renowned surgeon Dr. Chris Pappas. Rolle has been in the news for his dedication to helping others, especially children suffering from brain tumors. In 2012, Rolle launched the Myron Rolle Foundation to provide financial assistance for families affected by pediatric brain tumors as well as for research at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

In June 2018, the Myron Rolle Foundation partnered with the MGH Oncology Service to help fund the expenses of a family while they are struggling with their child’s cancer diagnosis. According to Rolle, “Our goal is to provide financial assistance and help during this time where families need it most.”

Now Rolle works as a neurosurgeon at Harvard University Medical School and Hospital located in Massachusetts where he has contributed to the development of new technologies such as the Adjustable Brain Tumor Filter (ABTF).