Athlete of the Month: Sophie Ehret


Courtesy of Eugene Paolo Mallari.

Athlete Sophie Ehret ready to receive the ball from the opponent.

Ever since the summer break, the girls varsity volleyball team has been practicing to trample the competition during the fall sports season. One of the players that are leading this effort is senior player, Sophie Ehret. With her strong work ethic and commitment to the game, she is one of the most valued players of the team, and potentially for the history of Wilcox volleyball. 

Despite only being on the volleyball team 2 out of her 4 years she has been here, Sophie is dominant in the game as Coach April Lujan, coach of the volleyball team, states that “she is one of the most dominant offensive players in our league and has allowed the team to progress towards reaching their goal of being league champions for the first time in Wilcox history.” Due to her quick reaction, ball control, and impeccable court vision, Sophie is one of the main point makers. She has a cannon of an arm, as it is noted that her hits are as fast as a bullet and hit the ground hard and strong. Making point by point, Sophie increases the momentum of the team, creating positive energy for all the players. With this kind of influence, the team was easily able to defeat the opponents which sometimes could be in a much higher division than them. This year, Wilcox’s girls volleyball team could be winning the championships, and a huge factor is definitely Sophie, yet she never lets that get to her head. 

According to her team, Sophie is one of the hardest working players with a committed and strong work ethic. Vina Nguyen, the captain of the team, says that Sophie is always “willing to take advice from others and improve on it.” Her positive attitude to learning and improving has most definitely also pushed the team on further as well. Always staying on the sport and being as aggressive as possible. Sophie clearly values her teammates and fellow players very much as it is even one of the reasons she enjoys the sport so much. According to Sophie herself; “My favorite part of volleyball is the fact that it’s a team sport. It creates so much energy on the court and when you have good chemistry with your teammates, you become unstoppable. They’re there to lift you up as well, and it feels really good to know that everyone on the court has your back.” Sophie always realizes the importance of teamwork, and is just a positive person that betters the team and understands that the game is not just played by her. Sharing the court, being open to advice, and much more after that, Sophie definitely understands the game and her team along with it. 

Sophie isn’t just good at volleyball though, she is also an academic weapon. Being a star player must be tiring for anyone, but despite that she still carries on with her homework without a complaint. Volleyball can be incredibly time consuming, and that’s an understatement for a senior, as it is also college application season. Many might have considered dropping out of the sport if they were in her position, but Sophie keeps on playing, “remembering why [she] put so much time into volleyball and how much [she] loves playing it definitely motivates [her]. It’s all about remembering your reasons for doing what you do, no matter how hard, and that’s what makes you stick with it.” With such a mindset, Sophie continues to be a threat on and off the court. She is able to always stay motivated, always be a good influence to those around her.

Sophie’s presence in the team has led them to new heights, and she continues to be the star player she is, as her last season with wilcox high school slowly comes to an end. Being such a great player, and person in general, she will be missed by the Wilcox community as she graduates this year. She has been a bright person all around school, always bringing a good mood to those who need it. Sophie Ehret is an excellent student, volleyball player, and a true example of what it means to be “Charger Strong.”