Sports Gambling Epidemic

Sports betting has always been a problem here in the United States, professional leagues claiming that it was bad for the games, but it’s finally having its comeback. However fans and parents alike aren’t too happy about this development. Fans calling sports betting a fraud and parents concerned for the dangerous exposure children will experience. 

Unlike The United Kingdom who has had betting and sports betting around for centuries,

sports betting in the United States has had a difficult journey in being legalized. Nevada once was the only state to be permitted to do sports betting before 2018. On May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court gave the states the power to choose if they wanted to legalize sports betting under their constitution. The United States has many helpful resources for adults and teens alike detailing the risks of sports betting so why sports betting is being legalized is something quite contradictory to psa’s being issued. The Algamus gambling treatment says that with the legalization of sports betting an increase of gambling addiction in young adults will rise especially with online gambling that is accessible everywhere. The PEW Charitable Trust reports that 4-6% of high school students are dealing with gambling problems from participating in online betting and there’s been a 30% increased chance of gambling addiction from the legalization of sports betting in 2018 to 2021. Sports fans themselves don’t seem as overjoyed on having sports betting legalized due to how pervasive sports betting is on the games. Mr. Feain, an avid football fan, says how sports betting is a frustrating ordeal for fans due to the fact that betting lines can be manipulated affecting a teams chance of winning or losing a game. So even if a fan knows a team’s performance is a losing game, betting allows losing teams to win from mysterious factors. That’s why for a long time sports betting was illegal in many states, betting being dangerous for the fans because the company (also known as vegas casinos) who decide the betting lines is put to be against the betters from the beginning. 

The United Kingdom is known for the wide range of sports it offers its people to follow such as football, rugby, cricket, tennis, boxing, and golf. It’s no surprise why sports betting is so popular in the country. Being around for centuries beginning as early as horseracing and having a growth spurt with online betting debuting in the 90’s. It’s safe to say that sports betting is part of the United Kingdom identity. Nevertheless gambling addiction still lurks and with online sports betting it’s only gotten worse. The National Health Service(NHS) of the United Kingdom reported an alarming amount of statistics depicting how serious gambling addiction is becoming. With two new gambling addiction clinics being opened, a two-fifth increase of people seeking treatment, and an NHS long Term Plan with a goal of opening 15 gambling clinics for adults and 1 for children and young people by 2023/24. The United Kingdom is taking initiative to solve the epidemic that is gambling addiction but it’s a little patchy in the United States, especially with the reintroduction of sports betting in the country.