Mbappe, What Happened?


Courtesy of Hossein Zohrevand.

Messi in World Cup Final 2022-



On December 18, 2022, Argentina and France battled in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final. Set in Qatar, many World Cup fans believe that this game was one of the “most epic finals in world history”. The intense match ended in a 3-3 tie, with Argentina coming out victorious  in a penalty kick shootout. Lionel Messi had a  significant impact in helping Argentina reach their goal, and after his almost two decade long, successful career, he can finally say he is a World Cup champion. 

The World Cup Final started with Argentina leading 2-0 with the help of Messi scoring a penalty in the 22nd minute, and Ángel Di María scoring another one touch counter-goal in the 35th minute. It wasn’t until the second half when Kylian Mbappé put away a penalty in the 79th minute, which allowed France to stay in the game. Less than two minutes later, Mbappé scored another volley, tying the game at 2-2. 

The intensity of this match immediately increased as both teams scored another goal, tying the match yet again, and sending them into penalties. With the help of their goalie, Emiliano Martínez, Argentina took home the World Cup trophy after over 120 minutes of hard work. After asking Wilcox junior, Marcelo Tolosa, about his take on the World Cup match, he stated, “It was very intense and thrilling. I was rooting for Argentina, and it was the most stressful game I’ve ever watched.” Many soccer fans  across the world celebrated Argentina’s victory, especially for one specific player: Lionel Messi.

At the age of 13, Messi moved to Barcelona and began playing for the Barcelona under-14 team. Messi continued to thrive and eventually made his debut on the Barcelona national team at the age of 17. Messi played for Barcelona for over 15 years, until 2021 when he left his dream club team to join Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Messi is recognized as one of the greatest soccer players in the world, winning Europe’s Ballon d’Or in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019, and 2021. The Europe’s Ballon d’Or is awarded to the Footballer of the Year in Europe. 

Messi went to the World Cup Final in 2014, but lost against Germany. Now, Messi is a World Cup Final Champion, and the first player in history to score in the group stages, round of 16, and every game leading up to the final of the World Cup. When asking Alessandro Castro, a life-long Messi fan, his thoughts on Messi’s success he stated, “Messi has always been a player I have admired since I was little and my jersey number is 10 because of Messi. I am proud that he has finally won what he deserved.” Messi has inspired countless young soccer players to continue their goals and reach for their dreams. He is an icon for aspiring young athletes who are dreaming of playing in the World Cup just like him.