Rants and Raves



Airports: “Flight 345A has been canceled.” “That will be $17.99 for the grilled cheese.” “We’re going to need you to throw away that water.” Whether it’s canceled flights, ridiculously long security checks, or overpriced everything, airports are quite the hassle. Getting up extremely early or staying up late just to lug around a suitcase, stand in long lines, and proceed to throw away all your food and water, does not sound fun to me. Then, you are forced to lose more money on an airport sandwich and some water! If not for the adventurous vacation promised afterward, I personally despise the food-wasting, wallet-emptying, tiring trouble that is…airports. 

Slow walkers: Imagine I finish my test two minutes after the bell and have to rush to my next class, but instead of reaching on time, I am greeted by the biggest inconvenience of all: slow walkers. Whether they’re in the halls of the B-building, on the stairs of the R-building, or on the sidewalk, slow walkers drive me crazy. WhenI have places to be and things to do, these unproductive members of society lurk around and get in the way. Thankfully, slow walkers as a pet peeve is quite common.. I try to remind myself I’m not alone whenever I am forced to walk at a snail’s pace behind a group of slow-walking people, about to be late for my next class. 

Bad Sleep Schedule Trend: 

No matter what others say, having a messed up sleep schedule is not cool. If I say I sleep at 12, someone saying: “That’s so early, I sleep at 3!,” does not make them any more superior. Not only do these types of comments reflect an unhealthy lifestyle, they also make my blood boil. For some reason, messed up sleep schedules have almost become “trendy” and people now voluntarily choose to stay up and sleep less. I think it should be emphasized that sleeping super late and not getting enough sleep, especially when you have the option to sleep more, is not healthy and should not be brag-worthy. With that being said, if you are reading this really late at night…go to sleep!



Podcasts: Bored out of your mind and need something to do? Podcasts. Tired but in need of entertainment? Podcasts. All alone and need something to fill up the silence? Podcasts. Especially with the high stress levels of high school, I have grown to love listening to my favorite voices talk about anything from giant pandas to mental health. With a large variety of podcasts to choose from on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and so much more, it is guaranteed that the listener will never be disappointed. Whether I’m doing my laundry, cleaning my room, or walking my dog, this perfectly convenient, portable, and personalized form of entertainment is the way to go. 

Crewnecks: This trendy, cute, comfortable, and versatile style of clothing has been life-changing. Whether you woke up late, it’s cold outside, you need something to wear to bed, or you are in need of cute outfit ideas, crewnecks are the way to go. The best part is, crewnecks don’t have to be used to cover up an outfit, they can be the outfit. They come in multiple different styles, including oversized, cropped, collared, plain, and so much more. Whatever the weather, and no matter the time of day, one thing’s for sure: crewnecks are not just a clothing style, they are a way of life. Shockingly enough, I am actually wearing one as I write this paragraph. 

Rain: I know this one is controversial, but personally, I love the rain! The smell of fresh rain, the sight of little puddles on the ground, the sound of rain falling, and not to mention the gorgeous, gray color of the clouds, everything about rainy weather is appealing. This rainy season has increased my love for the rain, not only because of its potential to save us from a drought, but just for the mood and feeling it creates. Whether it means putting on a raincoat and taking a nice walk while the water spills onto my umbrella, or staying warm inside and listening to the rain splash down on the ground, one thing’s for sure…rain rain don’t go away.