Rants and Raves

Hillary Lee, Lifestyles Editor


  • Puddles: Especially with the rainy season approaching, I begin to dread puddles. Those obstructive reflective bodies of water in the middle of the road make it an inconvenience to get from place to place. As soon as I see my reflection in a puddle, I know there’s a possibility that it’s deep and not worth stepping in– not that any puddle is worth stepping in. Overall, having to go out of your way to jump over and avoid a puddle is annoying, although it is the only choice if you have thin shoes and don’t want to risk dealing with wet socks for the rest of the day.
  • Olives: If I had to describe the taste of an olive, the perfect words would be bitter and acidic. No matter the circumstance, whether alone or on pizza, I pick out the olives with no hesitation. I remember visiting a restaurant overseas supposedly famous for its olives. My dad informed me that they are the best olives; unfortunately, the experience confirmed my disgust for olives. The only exception, though, is olive oil since it is a lot milder in taste.
  • Not closing the door: If you have siblings, you know how this feels. Even parents do this too. When someone enters my room, disrupts whatever I’m working on, and proceeds to not close the door when exiting, it is definitely an irritating feeling. If I’m in my bed, I’d have to get up and walk all the way across the room just to close the door, it’s inconvenient for my sake, so why not close it on the way out? 


  • Badminton: I love badminton, primarily because it gives me that adrenaline rush whenever I play. Not only am mentally satisfied, but I am also physically satisfied because practices can definitely be a full-body workout. Being on the team is one of the best decisions I have ever made because I get to spend time playing and competing with other people who love badminton as much as I do. Winning is also a great feeling, and losing just motivates me to try harder (and improve!).
  • Baking: I tend to bake when I’m bored or have any free time. Whether it’s stress baking, baking for fun, or baking for relatives (because that is what they expect now at every family gathering), I enjoy making a mess in the kitchen and experimenting with different recipes. I also came up with a creative way to finish my tasks while also baking:if my siblings want to eat the food I make, they must agree to do the dishes. They always disagree at first, but who could resist after getting a whiff when it’s baking?
  • Crocheting: Yes, it’s a grandma hobby, but not only for grandmas.  It’s also a way to express your creativity! I started crocheting early last year, and I think it is a therapeutic way to relieve stress. Once your fingers get used to the pattern, your subconscious takes over and your body can relax. I’ve crocheted many items, and my top picks are making bags, clothes, and accessories. Crocheting may be frustrating to get the hang of, but after learning the fundamentals it’s smooth sailing from there!