The Love Story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee


Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Courtesy of Steve Granitz from Getty Images.

When it comes to love, anything can happen, they say. Love is one of the things that is integrated into human nature despite being crazy and chaotic. Playboy model and Hollywood actor Pamela Anderson were one of the most iconic women in the 90s and 2000s, she still remains iconic with her starstruck looks and her acting, but who expected this sweetheart to fall in love with a rockstar like Tommy Lee who played as a drummer in Motley Crue. The two were completely polar opposites who had one thing in common: Romance. The love story between them is truly one of a kind with highs and extreme lows. They were one of the biggest intimate scandals that society had known during the time but the scandal is rising once again after 30 years. 

The crazy relationship begins on December 31st, 1994 at a New Year’s Party. Tommy Lee was known to be a crazy rockstar that lived his rockstar life to the fullest and still is. Anderson asked Lee to join her small group of girls in the club, Lee clearly interested in the actress. Anderson says for a Movieline magazine,  “He came up, grabbed me, and licked my face,” Lee doing this to Anderson started this very wild loving connection between the two. The rest of the night they were inseparable in the club but when it was time to depart at the end of the night Anderson gave her number to Lee after he begged multiple times. 

Anderson was always a busy woman, she had so many things to do during the day that long-term relationships were never a top priority for her, she was just too busy modeling and acting for the biggest TV show hit, Baywatch. Little did she know that Lee wouldn’t stop calling her trying to get her full attention, he even invited her to spend a night with him but she never showed. The following morning Anderson called him back telling him that she was off to Cancun for her show Baywatch, Lee took his chances and invited himself on the trip. Anderson refused to have Lee join her on the trip multiple times but he truly didn’t care. 

Once Lee went to Cancun he spent most of his time searching for his soulmate at every single hotel in Cancun. In Lee’s book he claims,  “And when they said there was a Pamela Anderson staying there, I practically wet myself with excitement….I left a message, or six, asking if she wanted to meet for a drink.” The same night Anderson agreed to the date with the crazy rockstar. While both are having fun at the club together, Lee pops the big question and asks Anderson to marry him despite knowing each other for four days. On February 19th, the iconic beach marriage took place in Cancun, Mexico. The newlywed couple was dressed in bikinis and shorts, nothing serious. They both spent each day together trying to get to know each other.

Months later in January 1995, the happy couple was living together in Los Angeles with their first child, Brandon Lee. Their house was under construction during this time when their safe was stolen by a construction worker, Rand Gauthier. Lee claims that Gauthier wanted some sort of revenge on Lee because of the number of times he was mistreated by the rockstar. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that a very intimate tape of both Anderson and Lee was released to the entire world without permission. This caused a very big tear between the once-happy couple, Anderson was seen as public property while Lee was being praised. “It really gives me nightmares,” Anderson says in her documentary. The couple separated after Lee grabbed Anderson while extremely intoxicated. During this time the couple was going through extreme stress, and they agreed on Anderson raising the kids with visitations from Lee. Thirty years later, the two now live separate lives, Anderson making Broadway shows still trying to overcome the harm society caused her and Lee on his world tour.