Nessa Barrett’s Journey from Posting Tik Toks to Selling Out Venues


Nessa Barrett on set for a music video of her song “die first”. Courtesy of Warner Music.

 Nessa Barrett first launched her career by posting content on the social media platform Tik Tok in 2019 and quickly gained an array of followers. When she first stepped into the spotlight, Barrett was known for her lip-synching videos until she began to launch her career in music. In July 2020, she released her debut single “Pain” and then followed with “if u love me” in October. Despite these songs being quickly loved by fans, it wasn’t until her next release that changed the trajectory of her career. 

    In February 2021, Barrett released “la di die” which was a collaboration with Jaden Hossler, also known as jxdn. The song was fast to skyrocket to the top of the charts and was performed live on Jimmy Kimmel. In an interview with music blog Cool Accidents, Barrett explained, “Music was a huge part of my life, always. My dad was a hungry artist, he wanted to really be in the music industry, and he is very talented. Since the day I was born, I’ve always had a studio in my house because of him.” Barrett continued to say, “If I’m being honest, music is one of the only ways that I can actually express myself because I can say so much that’s on my mind without actually saying it. It’s my only outlet, my only coping skill and it does help.” One of the biggest changes in her career was collabing with well-known artist Travis Barker. Nessa Barrett gushed, “It’s been such an amazing experience; I love them both and I’m so blessed to be able to work with them.”

   Barrett continued to release a few singles in anticipation of her debut EP and one that caught the attention of many was “i hope ur miserable until ur dead”. This single resonated with many of her fans due to its honest and raw lyrics. A lot of people started to appreciate Barrett’s vulnerability and touching on mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder in her music. 

    In October 2022, the edgy pop singer released her debut album “young forever”. Her singles included “die first”, dedicated to her friend Cooper Noriega who passed away, “madhouse”, and “tired of california”. All singles were successful and brought more and more attention to the rising artist’s music. In early 2023, Barrett hit the road and headlined her first-ever tour. According to Emory Wheel, the shows had a very high demand for tickets, “The original concert venue of 1,500 could not support the high demand for tickets. The concert was moved to The Eastern, which can hold up to 2,300 people, and quickly sold out.” 

    With each new single release, Barrett’s career grows more and more and her fan base is quickly expanding day by day. In the upcoming year, the singer is set to perform at festivals in the UK and hopefully, continue to release quality music. Nessa Barrett came a long way from posting tiktoks in her room to headlining a tour and let’s only wish to see the young star thrive and flourish in the future.