In Memory Of Our Beloved Wilcox Teachers: Mr.Bonotto



Mr Bonotto

On January 7th our dear friend and teacher Mr.Bonotto lost his battle with ALS.
Mr. Bonotto was so many great things… but I got to see him every day be an amazing ceramics teacher to many students who adored him. Mr. Bonotto’s  classes were always full, and it was because of the reputation he had at Wilcox. He was a teacher who wanted every student to succeed. He spent his days sharing his passion of ceramics with his students. It was this passion that made him such a great and sought after teacher. It was evident every day that he loved his job.
He was a gift and one I appreciated so much. He really was my therapist before I got one lol. God bless his level headedness and practical thinking.
These are some of my favorite photos… his self portrait mono print, the last photo I sent him- a mug he made and I stole- it’s my favorite, His signature, and two of my favorite photos from Halloween dress up- where he was always a good sport about the crazy dress up ideas I had.
Mr. Bonotto has an amazing wife who is so strong. Their three beautiful children, who have spent many days bouncing between our two classrooms through this time here at Wilcox.
I feel like there aren’t enough words to say, but I know he’s up there shredding all the waves and mountains, throwing all the growlers and building amazing treehouses.

Nic Bonotto

– Ms.Morton

Mr. Bonotto and I taught across the hall from each other when he was first hired here as a Social Science Teacher. I will forever be grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know him as a teacher and a friend. He moved across the creek into the Art Department, his true passion, and built such an amazing opportunity for kids to take ceramics and fostered an opportunity for them to learn their own appreciation of art. Though we no longer taught across the hall from each other, our families, along with those of a number of other Wilcox staff members, became friends outside of Wilcox and we all had children around the same time. There will always feel like someone is missing around here, but while Mr Bonotto cannot be with us here on campus, his legacy will live on in our ceramics program. Totem poles of ceramic projects from his students are in the quad outside of the B Building and upstairs in the display cases are some Vans that his students in Art created as part of a contest.


– Ms.Stott


In Memoriam —

Mr. Bonotto’s talent and his ability to guide his student-artists is evidenced all over campus — in the quad, in the display boxes, in the art room, and in many of our classrooms. Adorning my desk are several unique ceramic pieces that Mr. Bonotto fired and painted for me. I am blessed with these pieces because my little girl, Siena, would on occasion spend a day with me at work. She would have a day off of her elementary school for professional development and choose to come to Wilcox. She loved art and sports. So, after just one period with me — she would be picked up by our beloved Creighton to play basketball and then Creighton would escort her to the art room where Mr. Bonotto sat her amongst his students and gave her the opportunity to create art. He would often have to “finish” what she started. So kind. Amazingly generous. Infinitely patient. Mr. Bonotto’s inspiring talents have touched countless people. Thank you for being a part of all of our lives –your gentle soul graced our lives here at Wilcox and we are better people because you were here.

Godspeed —
Ms. Guttadauro