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The student news site of Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, California

The Scribe

The student news site of Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, California

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Biggest pet peeve ever: Rumors. Courtesy of: Kim Harrison


Once Upon a Time – Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if classic fairy tales and Disney characters lived in our world? If so, Once Upon a Time is the perfect show for you! The premise follows the Evil Queen casting a dark curse over the fairy tale realm, transporting the characters to our world with no memories of their previous lives. Twenty-eight years later, the curse may be broken by the arrival of Emma Swan, the predestined savior. Once Upon a Time is a show with many layers, connecting different fairy tale characters to other stories. It’s a show that definitely begs the question of whether people can truly be either good or evil.

Louis Tomlinson – You’ve likely heard of Louis Tomlinson. For the first five years of his career, Louis Tomlinson was a member of the famous boy band One Direction. What you probably aren’t aware of is that he wrote a lot of the songs they produced, including the popular and successful ones. Out of any member of the band, he has the most writing credits, having contributed to 38 out of their 109 songs. In the years following the band’s hiatus, he released two successful solo albums, Walls and Faith in the Future. There’s no denying that Louis Tomlinson is a talented individual.

Clothing Pockets – If you think about it, pockets on clothes are super useful. You can tuck away your phone, your keys, money, or any small carry-on item you need to carry. I don’t think people tend to realize how useful pockets are… until they don’t have them, that is. Clothing items like dresses and skirts don’t typically sew pockets, which can get really frustrating when you need a place to store your phone. Pockets are a simple yet convenient necessity that offers a way to keep small items readily accessible. 


Rumors – We’ve all been there when you’re just walking down the hallway, minding your own business, when you hear your name, followed by a story or fact that’s completely untrue. That’s a rumor in a nutshell. But why do rumors spread around to begin with? Is the thirst for gossip really that strong? It’s understandable if people want to hear the latest news, but gossip itself is unethical. I know spreading rumors might seem trivial, but they can cause real harm to individuals. Imagine if that was you one day, hearing someone saying something untrue and hurtful about you—what would you do?

Threads – “Threads” is a relatively new social media app that serves as an extension of Instagram. Threads itself is a ripoff of the app Twitter, having features that are very similar to the older platform. Threads came into existence after issues with Twitter’s former CEO, Elon Musk, came to light. Despite Twitter’s continued popularity, Threads has struggled to find its place. The problem with Threads, besides it being a Twitter ripoff, is the lack of use the app is getting. If people have a thought they want to share, the first platform they think of is Twitter, not Threads. Threads is collecting dust at this point, so my question is if we really need this app.

Chewing Gum Under Desks – Has there ever been a moment when your hand accidentally brushed against something weirdly squishy under your desk? At that moment, you realize that instead of disposing of their gum in the trash, somebody stuck it underneath your desk. Gum is a great treat if you need something to chew on, but nobody wants to feel or see a chewed wad at their table. After all, there’s a trash can for a reason. Additionally, chewing gum is prohibited at school, so the situation shouldn’t be happening to begin with. 

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