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The student news site of Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, California

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The student news site of Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, California

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Dimitri Otis
Painting serves as a fun hobby.



Cliffhangers are quite possibly the most obnoxious part of a fairly peaceful pastime or hobby. Imagine this, you’re enjoying reading a new book, blissfully unaware of what’s to come. You reach the most exciting, climatic part of the novel and there it is, the ending. There is no satisfying, well-thought-out conclusion, and little idea of how the story might end. Simply an unsatisfying sentence, usually with an ellipsis and some variation of “and then”. And not only do you have to deal with the disappointing ending, but if you’re anything like me you will immediately try to locate a copy of the next book in the series to find out if your favorite character lives or dies. 


Want a break from the ads? Yes, I would love a break from the ads. While I understand that companies use advertisements to make money, do these commercials have to be shoved in my face? I do not think that I will be more likely to buy something just because I am seeing constant ads for it. Sometimes I want to peacefully scroll on my phone without being bombarded with ads for a new pair of shoes or the same two fast fashion brands. While for some this kind of advertising may be effective in getting some people to purchase the desired product, I feel that for me it has the opposite effect. Seeing an ad constantly will not make me want to buy a product more, if anything it will cause me to block the company promoting their product so endlessly. 

Losing Things

Losing things is always inconvenient, whether it be your house key, your phone charger, or even your train of thought. I never lose something when I don’t need it. If my phone is about to die, I will suddenly seem to have lost my only functional charger. Getting ready to start an assignment in a class? Have fun with that when your only pencil has mysteriously vanished in your backpack. Raised your hand in class? Well, that’s too bad, your brilliant idea has gone off of the nice brick path into the dark creepy woods and turned into remembering you didn’t finish your science homework due next period. I have lost my train of thought twice while trying to write this very paragraph. 




Whether it’s being used by the world’s best painters or an amateur on a Saturday afternoon, paint is fun to use for many people. When it comes to painting the paint itself is always a fun part of the process. From selecting the perfect colors to the action of physically putting the paint on the canvas, painting is both a very relaxing and therapeutic hobby. Not only is the process of creating something and painting enjoyable, but it also produces an end product that is often very interesting. Artists like Van Gough and Frida Khalo, not only enjoyed making their art but used it as a creative outlet, a way to express themselves and create something beautiful out of sadness or tragedy.

The Folklore Love Triangle 

Taylor Swift’s Folklore album, not only her incredible musical talents but also her storytelling. Through her songs “Betty”, “Cardigan”, and “August”, Swift tells the story of a teenage love triangle. Each song highlights a different character’s perspective on the situation. Betty tells James’s side of the story, being the boy who ends up in the middle. Cardigan tells the story of James’s girlfriend Betty, and August tells the story of the girl James cheats with, who doesn’t receive a name. Not only are the songs catchy and genuinely well-written and sung, but Swift uses the story to draw comparisons between societal expectations of men and women. In Betty, the lyric “I’m only 17 I don’t know anything”, highlights how society doesn’t hold teenage boys accountable for their actions. In contrast, Cardigan’s lyric “When you are young they assume you know nothing” shows that society holds teenage girls to a higher standard and expects them to be more accountable for their actions. 


Rain. It can be inconvenient at times, even more so if you are trying to make your way to school in a torrential downpour equivalent to a hurricane. That being said, the rain is also very beautiful in many ways. I find that the way rain is often used in poetry as a symbol of sadness or even beauty to be quite beautiful. Rain itself can also create a nice feeling, a peaceful, calming atmosphere in which one can peacefully enjoy an activity or hobby. On a rainy day, my favorite thing to do is sit curled up with a book, reading and listening to the rain. Whether it be the slightest drizzle or the heaviest downpour, the sound of rain will always be peaceful to me. 


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