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Superbowl Surprise: New Beyoncé Music

Beyoncé prepares to release new, unique music differing from her typical genre.

While many during the Superbowl were tense and focused on the epic showdown with the Chiefs and the 49ers, there was an unexpected gift from a pop-sensation to her fans at this large sports event. Among the many ads, there was a pleasant surprise from the popular singer Beyoncé, who with Verizon, created a short commercial setting the stage for a promising gift for the “Beyhive”: new music. 

During the commercial, Beyoncé boasts several personas in an attempt to break Verizon’s “high-speed” internet. However after several attempts to no avail, Beyoncé states, “Okay, they ready! Drop the new music.” Shortly thereafter, Beyoncé released a short teaser for her song on various social media platforms, Texas Holdem, and also teased the release for her new album on March 29th, setting the stage for Act II of “Renaissance”. What followed was the release of not one, but two songs: Texas Holdem and 16 Carriages. To claim this was an unexpected surprise is an understatement, Beyoncé went full-on country mode, confirming the fact her new album may be in a country style. Beyoncé pays homage to her Texas roots and many Black artists who also paved the way for country music, which is incredibly crucial as she showcases her versatility and breaks stereotypes regarding standards for what she and other Black artists should be confined to.


Moreover, her release of these songs assist in reclaiming the country genre for Black Americans. TIME writes that, “Many of the songs that early hillbilly artists played were likewise inherited and adapted from black sources — like slave spirituals, field songs, religious hymnals or the works of professional black songwriters.”Additionally, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Robert Randolph, a steel guitarist who was featured in 16 Carriages, discusses how Beyoncé breaks stereotypes for Black artists: “It’s great for her to go this route. In country music for a longest time, it almost seemed like it was supposed to be out of left field when a Black artist says, ‘Hey, I’m going to do a country record.’” He says, noting the stereotype regarding how Black artists are confined to release certain types of music: “It’s crazy that the whole world doesn’t understand the history of country music and fiddles, dobros and banjos. Where do you think that stuff came from? Who was living in the barn? Who were the people living in the back houses?” Randolph highlights how Black artists significantly contributed to the country genre, adding to the significance of Beyoncé’s new country singles.

Beyoncé, through the release of these songs, conveys the culturally diverse roots of country music, which comes from Black, Native American, and Mexican origins. Shealso had country influences throughout her entire career, particularly the Black country scene including Daddy Lessons from her critically acclaimed album Lemonade. This new release of Texas Holdem and 16 Carriages only furthers the agenda of Beyoncé reclaiming country music for the Black community, as she makes history to be the first Black woman to have topped the Hot Country Songs on the Billboard charts. 

It’s proven that Beyoncé’s versatility as an artist knows no bounds, and while the Super Bowl commercial set the stage for Beyoncé’s new music, her release of these country tracks has a deeper meaning: reclaiming the country genre’s culturally diverse roots and shining light on the impact that Black Americans had on the country genre. The “Beyhive” can expect to get a country album just around the corner!

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