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ASB: It’s Not as Easy as “ABC’s”

Hana McNierney, Staff Writer

April 6, 2018

You’ve seen posters around school and multiple posts on social media, all encouraging voters for a specific reason. What are they all for? The answer is ASB Elections, where freshmen, sophomores, and juniors all campaign to...

Club Spotlight: The GSMA

Caroline Van Zant

February 2, 2018

Formerly known as the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Gender & Sexuality Minorities Alliance (“GSMA”) is a club that welcomes everyone. Last year, students changed the name of the club in order to make it more inclusive, not...

Shaking Hands with Japan

Hana McNierney

February 2, 2018

Host families and exchange students were able to meet many new friends thanks to the Santa Clara Sister Cities program, an international program that creates ties between cities around the world. The exchange took place over the...

A Harsh Winter for the Homeless

Tanvi Siddhaye

February 2, 2018

For the homeless in the Bay Area, this winter has been especially difficult. This winter has been cold in the Bay area, both in the north and the south, which has contributed to the crowding of many winter shelters for the homeless....

Humans of Wilcox: Emily Janusz

Samantha Meng

February 2, 2018

When you think about why you may be drawn to certain people, some people say that they are magnetized by mystery. When it comes to Emily Janusz, that is simply not true. People gravitate towards her, though she is hardly an enigma....

The HAWK Flies into Wilcox

Clarissa Gugliemelli, Sports Editor

February 2, 2018

There’s a new HAWK on campus—the High-intensity Activated crossWalK beacon. Created by Transportation Administrator R.B. Nassi, the HAWK system has spread across the United States to protect pedestrians. The HAWK system was...

How to Foil a Bicycle Bandit

Lukas Chang, Op-Ed Editor

December 15, 2017

For students who lack access to a car, bikes are a great alternative to get around the neighborhood. Environmentally, they have their advantages; they lack the carbon footstep that their mechanical, gasoline-fueled alternatives...

VetNow: Vindication for Veterans

Catalina Rao, News Editor

December 15, 2017

Imagine dedicating your life to grueling physical training, the burden of your country, and spending months away from home only to return to an unfamiliar and unwelcoming society. This is the reality of some veterans in America,...

Behind the Curtain: Almost, Maine

Hana McNierney

December 11, 2017

The rise of the curtain; spectacular acts; applause, bow, and the curtain falls. When asked about what a play is, for most people, that would just about sum it all up. However, what most people do not know is the amount of hard...

Ed Easley Exonerated

Catalina Rao, Junior Editor

October 12, 2017

The Northern California Innocence project has finally emerged successful from a legal battle to correct a twenty-four-year mistake. NCIP is an organization that works to reverse convictions for people who have been falsely accused,...

Humans of Wilcox: Chrissy Fritschen

Clarissa Guglielmelli, Sports Editor

October 12, 2017

Whether you’ve seen her tearing through the water during a swim meet, sitting in the Science Lecture hall during a CSF meeting, or maybe just hanging around campus, senior Chrissy Fritschen is an amazing athlete, musician, and...

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