Hidden Gems at Local Santa Clara Buffets


Jake Shklovski

Finished Mongolian dish at Noodle Plus Mongolian BBQ

Jake Shklovski, Staff writer

Buffets, self-serve restaurants, and all you can eat are all fun until you see the bill. Multiple places will display their cheap decent food that will fill you up, and hide the more expensive, finer dishes that they don’t want you to fill up on. Here are some of the top notch buffets in the local Santa Clara area for these hearty plates.

How to buffet
Buffets are expensive, and can go up to $20-$25 dollars a person. With a fun family party of about 6 people, that is around $135 for one night. The best way for you to even out the price and make the most of the available food is by avoiding carbs. Carbs are cheap and according to Statista, the average price for rice is 71 cents per pound. Not only are carbs such as rice and noodles just as easy to cook at home as they only consist of basic starches, they are extremely filling, leading you away from the lavish, appealing options.

Noodle plus Mongolian BBQ
Noodle plus Mongolian BBQ is a great experience with decent service and great food. You start off with two bowls, one with meat and one with noodles, aramats and vegetables. You fill the veggie bowl with different sauces that come with recommended amounts depending on whether you want super spicy, spicy, and mild. Next, an employee will take both bowls and throw the food onto a gigantic stove around 6 feet in diameter. There are small side dishes of egg drop soup and an assortment of different sauces and seasonings to customize your food even further. There are a wide variety of drinks, and to top it off, you are free to make a dish for yourself as many times as you want.
A great homestyle authentic Indian food buffet is DeeDee’s. The service there is wonderful with a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, paired with amazing meat dishes like their butter chicken masala. You would grab a tray and fill it up as you please. There are several food items such as curry dishes, chutneys, and different fried foods like samosas. A server comes around every 15 minutes to every table handing out fresh roti, an Indian flatbread brushed with butter. The cost is $15 per person which is definitely not bad for the great service, delicious food, and homey atmosphere. Pranay Ravella, a freshman at Wilcox High School stated, “The food tasted much more like home and less like a restaurant.” He also complemented the wide array of satisfying dishes.

Khan Shabu Shabu
Khan Shabu Shabu is the ideal spot to nosh on authentic Korean BBQ and enjoy a fun dinner. You sit at a table with a grill in the middle and pick as much meat or toppings as you want. The selection goes up from thinly sliced sirloin to thick cut titanic t-bone. The several sides and dipping sauces combine to create a flavor explosion in your mouth.There are several options of marinated meats and completely raw. If you are daring enough to try, some of the more exotic items on the menu are cow cheek, oysters, and pork feet. You get to finish off this feast with shaved ice desert.
Santa Clara is home to a number of great restaurants. With so many different spots out there, you are sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.