Artist Spotlight: Jessica Ancar

Nuha Rashad, Staff Writer

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Art. This simple yet such a magnificent idea has changed the way of thinking for many people. Art comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes and colors, and ends up taking the artist on adventures they could have never imagined before. Artists like Jessica Ancar use art to express themselves. Ancar has excelled in ceramics. A senior at Wilcox High School, Ancar spends every day using her creativity and imagination to make her thoughts and ideas come to life.
“I started ceramics last year because I wanted a relaxed and fun class between my hard classes,” said Ancar when asked about her choice of ceramics in place of other subjects. “I decided to retake this class again because I heard you can make whatever you wanted to. Mr. Bonotto suggested that I should join the advanced ceramics class.” Ancar has decided to gift a lot of the pieces she has made to family and friends. “It is always the class I look forward to. You have the opportunity to make new friends, and learn life lessons,” she said. Ancar showed an immense liking of ceramics, and was willing to explain her reasoning behind choosing that class. But Ancar did not always like art as much as she does now.

Ancar uses her creative skills to create amazing ceramics, which she will be giving away to friends and family. Picture by Nuha Rashad.

“I was never interested in art. So when I joined this class, I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do now.” admits Ancar. Along with ceramics, Ancar takes AP Literature and AP Statistics. She is also taking Economics this semester and plans to take Civics next semester.
As a senior, Ancar is busy with college applications. “I am applying to state schools in southern California,” said Ancar when asked about college. “But I want to go to University of Nevada, Reno,” said Ancar. “I want to major in Psychology and minor in Child Development.” “Art does not always have to be painting and drawing,” says Ancar. “It can be something different; it just has to be special to the artist who is making the work.” Ancar works hard on her artwork, adding fine details and elaborate designs in order to make her work feel meaningful and important. She paints her artworks using a variety of colors, and adds the slightest details to complete her work.


This is a 3-D panorama Ancar has made. this is a demonstration of creative pottery. Picture by Nuha Rashad.

“If there is one thing ceramics taught me, it has taught me patience and that not everything has to be perfect,” said Ancar. Hard work and a lot of effort is required in order to achieve the results you want, and in the case of ceramics and pottery, the artist has to work hard and may not always achieve the results he or she wants. This is a lesson Ancar has learned, and it will continue to influence her throughout her life.