Artist Spotlight: The Overcoming Life of Marilyn Monroe


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Marilyn Monroe on sen for the movie. “The Seven Year Itch”, in the year of 1955.

Hollywood is home to one of the biggest stars in the world. From models to singers, comedians, and movie stars. In the 1960s Marilyn Monroe was one of the most prominent female actresses and singers. Her life wasn’t all fairytales and rainbows. Like everyone, she had her worst lows that led to her early devastating death at the age of 36 years. How did a beautiful young lady’s life end so tragically?

Marilyn was born in Los Angeles, California on the 1st of June, 1926 to her mother Gladys Pearl Baker, and her father Charles Stanley who was never there throughout Marlyn’s childhood and adulthood. Marilyn’s Mother was born in  Coahuila, Mexico but raised in Los Angeles; This means Marilyn had Mexican descent and that is why the Chicano culture (Mexican American) looked upon her a lot. 

Monroe once said, “I didn’t like the world around me because it was kind of grim … When I heard that this was acting, I said that’s what I want to be … Some of my foster families used to send me to the movies to get me out of the house and there I’d sit all day and way into the night. Up in front, there with the screen so big, a little kid all alone, and I loved it”. Her childhood life experiences are what inspired her to be an actress.

Her first job was in a Radioplane factoring during WWII, helping the war efforts. This job led to her meeting a photographer who helped her start her modeling and acting career. Monroe started off modeling as her first experience on the screen, which later on led to her appearing on movie screens when she signed in 1946 and appeared as a young waitress in the movie “Dangerous Years”.

Marilyn was first name Norma Jeane Mortenson but later on, in her lifetime, changed her name to Marilyn Monroe as her stage name when she signed her contract in 1946. Monroe did not have an easy childhood At the young age of 5, those problems led her to be a powerful and successful woman. She was the second woman in the world at that time to own her own production company. At the beginning of her career, people saw her as the definition of a “dumb and seductive blonde”. Her confidence and boost self-esteem helped her prove them wrong and became an American cultural icon.