March Athlete of the Month: Aditya Jangid

Catalina Rao, Staff Writer

For this issue’s Athlete of the Month, our journey begins fourteen years ago.  Why? Because that is when three time Wilcox School Record holder (part of 4×100 Free Relay and 4×50 Medley Relay, and 100 Butterfly) Aditya Jangid began his swimming career at just four years old.  Jangid began swimming at the Santa Clara International Swim Center and he still remains there today.  While swimming has always been Jangids’ passion, he has also played water polo for Wilcox as well.  During his time at Wilcox Jangid has managed to keep a stellar GPA of over 3.5.  Jangid says that Wilcox has taught him, “You don’t need to go to an expensive private school, have the most prestigious faculty, or even the most resources to be an amazing individual. Wilcox’s community has allowed me to grow into a student and athlete that makes paths for themselves.” Jangid expresses that Wilcox has helped him learn to be independent and to take on obstacles in and out of the pool.  Although, these lessons have certainly been translated into his impressive swimming resume. Jangid say he is, “proud to be a Charger because it reflects all that I have learned about dedication and hard work.”

Like any sport, swimming is incredibly competitive the more advanced the athlete is.  Colleges are always on the lookout for bright, new, and talented athletes that have put in the hard work to become the best at their sport.  It is incredibly difficult to play sports in college let alone. Division One.   Jangid definitely fulfills these requirements seeing as he has been recruited by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, a Division One school for swimming. Playing a sport in college is a dream come true for any athlete and it has been a long time coming for Jangid, he says, “If you were to ask me when I was ten years old what I thought my chances were of making a Division I college team, I would think you’re crazy. It’s amazing to see how much my hard work has paid off.”

There are few people in the world that have mastered the art of swimming in the way pro Swimmers like Michael Phelps has, which is why it makes sense that he is an inspiration for Jangid. Jangid recalls, “I remember eight years ago watching the TV screen as Michael Phelps was eight for eight in World Records and Gold Medals at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Ever since then I have always looked up to Michael Phelps because of his mentality and I know that sounds pretty cliche, but I discovered that sometimes it’s just better to learn from the best.”  As is the case with most people’s idols and inspirations there comes a moment when a person realizes, if they can work hard enough, they can achieve the impossible.“I remember telling myself that everyone has the capability to succeed. It is just the commitment and effort that they lack.”  These two qualities are ones that Jangid has proven he definitely possesses.

There are things about sports that every athlete loves. For Jangid there is no question, his favorite aspect of swimming is racing.  He explains, “I absolutely love competing with teammates and other swimmers, whether it be in practice or at our championship meets.” Currently Jangid is racing against the clock in hopes of beating the 100-backstroke school record. Not only is Jangid an incredible swimmer he is also a devoted teammate as well. Wilcox swim coach Rich Cruzen describes Jangid as, “a hard-working competitor and a supportive teammate to all.”

Wilcox will sorely miss Jangids’ talent and dedication but also wishes him the best of luck in the future.  No one can predict what the future holds but it is looking to be pretty bright for Jangid as he pursues his swimming dreams and other goals in the water and on land. Fortunately, the excitement has only just begun for Jangid, he comments, “I’ve heard a lot about how amazing college swimming is and I am incredibly thrilled to be able to partake in it next year. I’m looking forward to getting stronger and faster both outside the pool and in.”