Artist Spotlight: Franziska Harrison

Art is commonly perceived as an outlet for stress-relief, imagination, and an opportunity to showcase one’s skills.This is no different for Franziska Harrison, an aspiring young artist with many talents when it comes to art. From expressing her feelings through collages to late night drawings that later turn into masterpieces, Harrison is definitely an artist deserving of recognition.

Franziska Harrison is a senior here at Wilcox, well-known throughout the school for her involvement in ASB as Secretary. She has been taking art classes at Wilcox High School since she entered her freshman year. Additionally, she took art classes outside of school and during the summer. When asked if she had always been interested in art, she says that she has always drawn and doodled on her work at school, and also notes that eighth grade is when she started taking art seriously because she had realized that she was passionate about creating art and at the same time it allowed her to express her feelings.

Harrison uses a large variety of different art mediums  to complete her artwork. She uses her markers to color her darker themed drawings and colored pencils on her lighter works.  Harrison uses her acrylic paints while working on her paintings, expertly creating her masterpieces. The amount of different supplies she is able to use show her ability to have diversity in her artwork . the amount of different art supplies she uses in her art shows she can do any type she wants to do. She dabbles in many different types of art such as painting and drawing but she predominantly enjoys expressing her feelings through collages. She takes magazines she finds around her house and at the store  and cuts pictures out of them which she later glues together on a separate piece of paper She combines pictures and colors to express her feelings. “I feel like this kind of green and that will represent how I feel,” she says. Harrison enjoys collages more than any other artwork because it allows her to find subjects in the real world that express her feelings and use her artistic talent to put it on paper.

Harrison not only enjoys collage work but also says  she has been interested in drawing unfinished late night work. “This was inspired by a sketch I did two years ago I think” she says about  one of her favorite drawing. “I re-drew it in more of a new style and I said to myself, ‘What do I want to do for the background?’ and I decided on space because I always seem to have that in my paintings, I’ll have space in random backgrounds,” says Harrison. In addition to the space background theme in her paintings she also says that she believes  she always has space in her paintings because that is how she likes to be while drawing; alone with her piece, some music, and only her inspiration and talent for art to guide her.