Artist Spotlight: Yuka Murakami

Sakshi Bhargava, Staff Writer

Art is something we express. We use art to convey a message to the audience, and can be shown in different forms, for different reasons. Sometimes people can express art for specific reasons, like religious purposes, but a few just create art, as it is a part of their life. Yuka Murakami, a freshman at Wilcox, who aspires to become an artist, is one of those few. From creating sketches of things around her, to the things she sees, Yuka Murakami needs to be recognized.

Murakami is one of two freshman on the song pom team at Wilcox. She enjoys being part of the team, as it is also one of her hobbies. Dancing is her passion, and the team is family to her. They practice, and compete together, so she feels connected to each member. The dance has also helped Yuka share one of her passions with the school community.

Murakami started art at the age of nine and was mainly inspired by books, and art on the internet. She never took art classes, but started for the first time at Wilcox to expand her knowledge on art. She never really wanted to go to an art class because she felt that a class would have restrictions. She is the only artist in her family, so no one influenced her to create art. Murakami has always been interested in sketching, and she mainly uses graphite pencils which is very common mineral pencil, occurring in black to dark-gray foliated masses, with metallic luster and greasy feel. The are mess free, which is convenient and they are also comfortable to sketch ideas with, since they are not too permanent and can easily be erased.

When asked about her favorite artist, she stated that she adores Zephani Jong, an artist that posts her work on Instagram. “My favorite artist is Zephani Jong. She creates lots of art realistically depicting the faces of those who inspire her, which is why she’s my favorite artist.” She further stated that she likes how her personality is relatable and very connected to her followers. “The artwork she creates really reaches out to her audience as it communicates common interests. Jong likes to share her thoughts and opinions relating to her art, but she also makes a connection to her personal life.” This connection really makes that art come alive with true emotion and feelings.

Murakami  took part in a few exhibitions, and was selected for the cover of the art show in the city of Irvine. She submitted her work, and the creators of the art show were impressed with her work. She said that she had a chance to be part of a televised interview. It really helped her since she got to look at the other recognized art pieces that were a part of the show.

Sketching is how Murakami relaxes. Along with some music and food, sketching is her zen mode. She is in her own world and can do anything she wants and claims that it can be therapeutic. Each sketch compliments her day, or her emotion at that time. She feels that if everyone tries, even they will feel relaxed, as there is nothing to be tensed about. There are no rights or wrongs in art, and everything can be made into art. Murakami feels that everyone should draw once in a while, and pour out all those feeling that are stuck inside themselves. She feels that everyone would be more calm, and would be able to concentrate on their future instead of their past.