Artist Spotlight: Alex Sayo

Music is a magical, often majestic part of every teenager’s life. From usage in everyday life to celebrating the important parts of school life through sports rallies, music makes everything better. Everyday after school I would enthusiastically make my way to the front of the school to listen and witness a group of people playing music. With a collection of violins, melodicas, ukuleles, and guitars, a particular person stood out to me. Alex Sayo, who has several talents playing various string instruments such as the guitar, ukulele and violin, is always playing music outside. His fun and energetic nature with these instruments make watching and listening to his play an enjoyable experience.

Sayo’s inspiration for music stemmed from his sound track browsing on YouTube. Short clips of instruments and different soundtracks drew him into the music world. Music was already intrinsically a part of his life, but seeing clips of people playing songs that he knew fueled his burning passion for music. One such example is YouTuber Sungha Jung who is most known for his covers of songs such as the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean and River Flows in You on the guitar. These melodies were a key point in developing his blossoming musical inspirations. Sayo’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and often gives passersby a chance to try out and learn a bit of the instrument he decides to play that day. He enjoys making the people around him happy and with the music he plays he easily achieves it. Sayo’s future goals is to expand to other types of instruments including brass and woodwinds while also constantly expanding his knowledge of music. He has dreams of someday being able to own numerous amounts of instruments and to be able to learn them all while in the comfort of his home. Sayo has had an interesting path to where he is now but he wishes he has consistently practiced in the past while at the same time being able to fully enjoy the time he has spent on that specific instrument. Sayo explains that “Music brings me great joy because of the complexity and ease of access to material to listen to.” With stress coming from school and different amount of workloads being given, Sayo brings joy to those that are under the pressure of meeting deadlines. The enjoyment he gives through his instruments truly light up the school.