Artist Spotlight: Andrick Ramirez

  “Don’t be scared to try new things and get out of your comfort zone!” These words were spoken by Andrick Ramirez, a senior at Wilcox High School, who is known for having a passion for photography,  urges students with an interest in taking photos to pursue it. Ramirez expresses his dedication to his hobby and shares his art through social media. He uses popular platforms such as Snapchat, as well as an Instagram page (@andrickscamera), where he posts photos from his latest shoots “It’s the easiest way for friends and other people to see it,” Ramirez shares. As for his camera, Ramirez explains that he usually captures photos with his iPhone 7 due to how user-friendly it is, as well as the camera quality.

      “At first I was really into editing videos and videography,” the senior begins. Ramirez explains that he gained the inspiration to adopt photography as a hobby after looking at other photographers’ work. With his five years of experience Ramirez has been able to gain insight on what techniques and tricks he prefers to apply when it comes to capturing photos. Going further in depth, Ramirez claims he has seen improvements in his, “camera angles and how to shoot with different kinds of lighting, as well as finding new ways to improve the overall look of the photo.” For example, Ramirez shares that his most recent photoshoot has been his most successful as of now, in his opinion,  due to the vast color contrasts he captured.

      When it comes to shooting, Andrick Ramirez’s favorite subject to capture is people. “There’s a lot more you can do rather than if you were shooting nature or something of the same sort,” he shares. In addition, he explains that photography is something he considers a hobby, and therefore does when he has time or inspiration strikes. Ramirez explains he does not necessarily set a specific time throughout the week or month to take photos, Ramirez discloses that when his subjects feel good about what they are wearing and are up to have photos taken of themselves, he is all for it.

      Ramirez is able to share his interest in photography with some of his close friends. “I think my friends are really supportive… we all like art and photography,” the artist goes on to explain that shooting with friends allows for a great time to try to experiment with new things, from locations to lighting. One of of these friends is Brittany Armenta, a senior at Wilcox High School, Ramirez reveals they share a similar mindset when it comes to photography. Armenta shares her experiences with Ramirez and explains, “you never know what he’s going to make you do to get a good picture.” In addition, she believes his strongest skill when it comes to shooting is angles and lighting, he’s always trying his best to improve them, she adds.

      The senior explains he will not stop trying to improve his skills once he graduates. On continuing to pursue photography, Ramirez claims, “I might be taking some classes after high school to improve my skills.” One of the most important things Ramirez has learned, through years of dedicating time towards photography, is that when shooting with a professional camera, it is important to be aware of which lense you use. Due to the wide ranges of lenses, one needs to be aware they are using the correct lense for a specific location, as well as for the lighting. In addition, Ramirez has much to share regarding what he wishes he had known when he began photography. For example, he explains that in order to get a good photo one does not need to find what is considered an “Instagram worthy location.” Instead he emphasizes that in his opinion, lighting is one of the most important parts of a photo. Andrick Ramirez sums up his dedication towards improving his photography skills with, “we’re always trying new things and locations!”