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April Artist of the Month: Ramya Kantharaj

Evelyn Perez

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Courtesy of Vaheeshta Mehrshahi. Ramya is proficient at various art mediums.

Courtesy of Vaheeshta Mehrshahi. Ramya is proficient at various art mediums.

Ramya Kantharaj, a current junior, has been in love with art for her entire life. At the early age of three, Kantharaj began her journey with art. Since then, it has been her main form of expression and comfort. Regardless of whether she is doing a simple doodle or an elaborate painting, Kantharaj is extremely passionate and connected with all her art.

Kantharaj grew up in India, where she found her love for art. Her Indian culture has played an incredible role in her art. She says, “When people think of Indian culture they think of Holi, bright colors, and fun things.” Kantharaj tries to incorporate these aspects of her culture into her art by keeping it vibrant and eye catching.

In the fourth grade, Kantharaj began taking professional art classes, where she began to master the techniques she uses today. After moving to the United States, Kantharaj began to explore a wider range of art. She does not limit herself to only a single medium and has done various forms of art, including but not limited to glass, cloth, oil, watercolor, and tempera. Her versatility has allowed her to become skilled in many different types of art.

Courtesy of Elilta Solomon. Ramya actively participates in many school activities.

Courtesy of Elilta Solomon. Ramya actively participates in many school activities.

Like all artists, Kantharaj has dealt with several obstacles in art. “The one thing I learned is that with artwork, you have to have patience,” she reflects. She has completed three oil paintings in the three years that she has been learning the medium. She notes that waiting is one of the biggest challenges in art. Staying focused on a single painting for a long stretch of time has proven to be a difficult block. She mentions that working on a specific painting for months can get tedious. Kantharaj states, “Art takes a lot of patience and dedication that a lot of people don’t have… But if you’re patient enough, it’s really worth it in the end.”

This has allowed her to become skilled in many different forms and styles of art, which is apparent through the number of competitions she has won. In fourth grade, Kantharaj won a national mask competition in India. There, she also competed in an art competition in which she worked with cloth. She created a carpet that displayed classic Indian instruments and designs. These accomplishments, among others, exhibit Kantharaj’s talent and gift for art.

Kantharaj’s greatest inspiration has been her love for her surroundings. As an artist, she has a different way of viewing the world. She emphasizes valuing the seemingly miniscule details in everything. Her unique perspective allows her to view the beauty in everything she sees. She states, “I think that every artist sees something beautiful in the smallest things.” She finds herself to be emotionally connected with every piece of art that she works on.

Kantharaj is engaged in more than just her art. She has contributed her art skills to the Class of 2017’s homecoming floats and often participates in school activities. She also volunteers at a hospital regularly, where she fuels her other passion — helping people and making them smile. Kantharaj hopes to practice medicine in the future, but refuses to let go of her passion for art. She will continue to utilize her gift for art, and aims to one day teach art to children.

Art has taught Kantharaj many valuable lessons. “It has given me the opportunity to be more open and free flowing.” As a final word of advice for artists and anyone else, Kantharaj says, “See the beauty in everything you do… I think it’s important to see the little things.”

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April Artist of the Month: Ramya Kantharaj