Rants and Raves

Melany Calderon, Staff Writer

Textbooks: While textbooks may be helpful for a portion, they get annoying and cause so many issues. Yes textbooks give us information or help us to know more about a subject but carrying them around, having to search for the page, taking up space in your backpack or locker, with teachers making us get them and for most of the year we don’t use them. While also carrying them in our backpack it just causes pain whether it’s on our backs or shoulders and sometimes we just carry them when we don’t use them. Teachers tell us to put them in our lockers but then they just take up space for what we are actually using or need.

AmongUs: Among us is a fun game and all but is it worth the hype? In my opinion, that’s a no because it’s like any other game, just that they are little people, with an imposter, which to be honest most games have, whether it’s the killer or hiding and trying to find those people to kill them. It is creative but i don’t see what or why people think it’s such a big deal.

Pop quizzes: I know it’s not just me with disliking pop quizzes. To me they just seem so unnecessary, like why do teachers want to surprise students and sometimes when students do take them it affects their grades badly. I understand why we need them but pop quizzes not because it would be like taking normal quizzes except nobody studied which is why I think it’s a lot better for teachers to just stick with quizzes and mention them to students.

Sketching: I have a strong passion for sketching even if it’s the most random thing. Sketching distracts me and gives me some sort of peace while also sketching what I feel, see, or think. Sketching helps with emotions, instead of going and taking out my emotions with someone else or do something I think is right even though I’m just acting by my emotions and not thinking before I do them, when I sketch it don’t do anything other than express myself and at the end it comes out good in some way. You also can’t really get judged by what you sketch because it’s coming from what you feel or what you think goes with it.

Clothes: Clothes are a way to show yourself through fabric and clothing. You get to wear what you want and the stuff you wear may be personal or just something that adds onto who you are. Fashion can also inspire people when they see your style and may cause them to go out there and express themselves, and not worry about opinions or fitting in.

Netflix: Netflix is the greatest thing to me. It is stocked with old TV shows that I enjoyed as a kid like Victorious, ICarly, Sam and Cat, etc. Being able to watch them all over again is great as it brings back those memories I made as a kid. Once you find a good show you can go on and watch it for hours and it won’t stop or interrupt you watching the show, so you get to enjoy it all. There may also be other apps that have good shows but to me Netflix has the greatest shows, movies and so many to pick from.